First Egg Collection Yesterday... 41 Eggs

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DCM84 Thu 03-Oct-19 12:59:56

Hi, I had my first egg collection yesterday and I had 41 eggs collected 21 fertilized. I'm having some pretty bad upper abdominal pain today that sort of comes and goes. They are having me continue with Frymadel injections for another week to 'calm things down' plus a blood thinner. I'm obviously at risk for OHSS but with that many eggs I assume it might be a bit more painful for me regardless. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has had this many eggs retrieved? How did you feel after EC? What were your results?

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Pigeon84 Thu 03-Oct-19 14:38:09


I had 38 eggs retrieved back in 2014.
I was egg sharing so i received half of these.

I presume they are cancelling your transfer and doing a freeze all as continuing with a transfer could make you quite poorly.

Obviously i felt pretty sore the days after EC. On transfer day, i began to feel quite poorly. My clinic had been monitoring my hormone levels up until this point. But they went ahead with transfer anyway
I ended up in hospital the day after transfer for one day.

On 5dp5dt i knew i was pregnant by just the fact i had bloated out completely.
I ended up with another 2 night stay at hospital, moderate OHSS and 12lbs heavier in just 2 days.
It was horrendous.
However, i did have a successful pregnancy.

I would really consider cancelling the transfer (your clinic should have already done this) and let your body heal


Anaesthetist83 Thu 03-Oct-19 15:54:20

Hi, blimey, that’s good going. Any idea what your oestradiol level is?

I spent a week on HDU in August due to severe/critical OHSS. I had roughly 30 follicles on my USS but in the end only 16 collected. My oestradiol was over 20,000 (which is apparently massive)

High numbers don’t absolutely lead to OHSS but you are at risk.

Drink to thirst and keep an eye on your urine output (should be at least half a ml per kg per hour) and abdo circumference.

I had a freeze all and suspect the same will happen for you.

DCM84 Thu 03-Oct-19 20:20:51

Thanks Ladies, yes they are doing a frozen cycle, that was decided before I even started IVF as I have PCOS and would be high risk. I'm not sure what my oestradiol level is but I have a follow-up scan tomorrow.

I'm feeling a bit better but still a lot more sore than I anticipated!

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Nonienoodle Thu 03-Oct-19 20:27:50

You will be sore! It’s a lot of follicles to drain. Had over 40 with each cycle, was bruised and bloated for several days and vomiting. It was touch and go but my clinic didn’t cancel the transfers (I may of kept saying I felt fine 😬) so I stayed sore but I have just put to bed one gorgeous and quite grown up bundle now. Hope you feel better soon and good luck!

Whatelsecouldibecalled Thu 03-Oct-19 20:28:25

omg that’s a huge number! You are a hero! No wonder you’re feeling sore! I had OHSS after 11 eggs collected. Estrogen levels were through the roof. We froze embryos and had a fet once things had calmed down. Hope you feel better soon. Lots of water, hot water bottle and peppermint tea helped me

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