Struggling infertility,

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LeighBradshaw Tue 01-Oct-19 11:26:59

Hello guys. I'm new to this page, but I'm starting to worry. Me and my partner have been together for 5 years and never used any protection or taken any pills. I went to my doctor and he sent me to a fertility specialist. I had loads of bloods done, ultrasound and a hsg examination. And my partner had his sperm tested. We got the results back last week. My results was that I'm not ovulating on all 3 different months I haven't ovulated. And my partners swimmers was okay as a average but the amount that actually reach the egg is not alot or that strong. They said he had 9 million but it should be between 13 and 15 million. The specialist advised him to take wellmen vitamins and be on a balanced diet. We have to go back in 3 months time to find out if the vitamins have worked for his sperm. If they have improved then they are putting me on clomid. With clomid it is a 50/50 chance due to the effect on different people. Some it has helped but some it has not. You got the complication of having multiple babies and then the chance of them not surviving the whole pregnancy.... has anyone had anything like this before. I could really use someone to chat with feel really scared that I'm not able to have any children.. x

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AliceAbsolum Tue 01-Oct-19 12:59:39

Do they know why you're not ovulating? What's your amh level? Healthy bmi?

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 01-Oct-19 13:26:04

How old are you OP? That's also important x

LeighBradshaw Tue 01-Oct-19 18:57:32

My BMI is 20 so it's okay 30 is the max. and I'm 22 years old. And I dont know about hormones levels, they didnt tell me and they didnt tell me why I'm not ovulating..

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Goingbacktokansascity Tue 01-Oct-19 19:00:39

Loads of us on clomid, helped me conceive my perfect boy. There’s a thread you can join for support if you search clomid

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