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bellebox19 Mon 30-Sep-19 19:20:53


My husband and I have our first real fertility clinic appointment on Wednesday (we went in January and have been on the waiting list). In short I'm really scared, and have no idea what they will do to me in the 2 hr appointment sad. That will sound silly to a lot of you given what you all go through but I'm fearing the worst, mostly thinking about an internal scan/tube checking, I don't know anyone personally who's had it done. I have PCOS and my husband has poor motility.

If anyone has any experience of the Ayrshire fertility clinic also that would be great, I'm already worrying that it's the maternity building and I'm just totally down, seeing pregnant bellies is very upsetting.

I'm sure it'll be fine but I'm just quite anxious about the road ahead.

Thanks for reading x

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physicskate Mon 30-Sep-19 20:05:17

You won't have an hsg or hycosy (tube check) without advance warning. They prefer these to be done in the first part of your cycle and so need to coordinate that in advance.

It's likely going to be a long chat and in depth medical history of each of you. There may be an internal scan, but they are honestly not a big deal. If you need treatment of any kind, this would be the first of many - so get used to them! At the appointment they may also arrange for further tests or advise a course of treatment (this week s less likely and depends what tests you've already had done). It's not an appointment you need to be nervous about.

Good luck!

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