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Frazzlerock Sat 28-Sep-19 23:16:49

It's looking increasingly likely DP and I will have to go for IVF after three MCs, PCOS, low morphology, and possible sperm fragmentation which still needs testing (we thought this was part of semen analysis but apparently not!)
We are also both now 40 😢

Basically, we have all the fucking hurdles and we are worn out after 3.5 years of hell. So, IVF may well be our last chance at finally getting to meet our baby.

We live in Kent and work in London and we are currently under the care (I use the term very loosely) of the RMC at Tunbridge Wells/Pembury.

We are obviously desperate for a positive outcome but not made of money and we are ineligible for NHS help as I am fortunate enough to have two DC from a previous marriage.

We'd love to hear your recommendations if you wouldn't mind sharing

Many thanks

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WorriedButterfly Sat 28-Sep-19 23:44:13

Hi @Frazzlerock I am with Care in TW, had a BFP from 1st cycle followed by MMC at 9wks. I'm pretty happy with the treatment and level of care there, the communication it's good - direct dials to nurses and embryologists etc. I believe it to be the best rates in SE but TBH the success rates seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me! Let me know if you need any info, we funded through Access on a double package for slightly less money. I wish you all the luck x

Frazzlerock Sun 29-Sep-19 07:52:59

Thank you @WorriedButterfly
I'm so sorry for your MMC. Two of ours were MMC also at 9 weeks. Was yours after having IVF? Or before?

Its interesting you're at Care as that is where DP has his semen analysis done through NHS. They didn't test for the most important thing (fragmentation) and when he asked if we could pay privately, they told him nowhere in Kent does it and we'd have to go to Harley St and fork out £350!
So I didn't really think about using their facilities for anything else but perhaps we will take a look.

I've read ABC are cheap (well cheapER than others) but I don't know their success rates,
Also seen suggestions on MN to go abroad. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I'm not sure why.

What made you choose Care?

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WorriedButterfly Sun 29-Sep-19 09:04:26

Yes it was from IVF. We have Low sperm count so no success w/o icsi.

That's annoying about your DPs test, not sure what to suggest. We used them as we started down the NHS route and went to Maidstone hospital and the consultation gave us a list and recommended them (and didn't really recommend the others). At the time Mr Rimmington was there and I read about a lot of his research etc, the NHS route came to an abrupt end due to low AMH, which I wasn't really expecting and he was brilliant in our first consultation. He's since moved to Harley st I think. I've seen a post on here about ABC - haven't read it fully but similar to access there are age, AMH caveats so watch out for those. I had my D&C done by a Turkish Dr in London and in my follow up she really recommended Turkey and said she just doesn't understand why we all stay here as a broad it's better success rates and so much cheaper. Having been through one cycle I think all the back and forth to London would have been a lot, may be different if you're there already. My whole mantra was to stay relaxed and chilled, I can work from home and I felt pretty sick through most of it, after EC I just wanted to flop so was happy it was up the road. I think abroad might be our next option - but the same as you I am not sure but for no real reason! X

Frazzlerock Sun 29-Sep-19 16:14:52

Aargh you've just reminded me we're not under TW/Pembury (I was there for my 2nd MMC so getting confused) we're at Maidstone for RMC. Are you under Mrs Nazir by any chance?
I've not been seen since my hysteroscopy back in May so have chased up for a follow up appointment.

I'm a complete IVF novice as I never expected to be even thinking about it, especially as we've had three pregnancies and I've had two successful from previous marriage. But I'm trying to prepare myself in case we need it. Having read some more about IVF today and the Access scheme you mentioned, they seem to prefer under 40's 😢 But last time I was tested (about 3 years ago) I had a very high AMH due to PCOS and not releasing as many eggs as someone without PCOS. So I'm kind of hoping that goes in my favour...
That's interesting what you say about your Turkish Dr. Perhaps going abroad is worth looking into.

It's all such a minefield isn't it. It's so easy for so many people in my social circle. Even women my age who I've known since school are having babies easily. I just can't comprehend any of it 😓

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