Anyone going through iui

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LaniB Sat 28-Sep-19 10:40:46

Im currently going through my 2nd cycle. Was interested in people going through it too and how they are getting on. I'm currently taking letrozole have my follicle scan on friday. X

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ChatWithMe Wed 02-Oct-19 19:12:27

Going to sign up for 3 round package tomorrow actually. Sorry no experience with it yet. How many times did you have to go into clinic from day 1 of your cycle? I'm guessing you ring clinic to say when you get your period then they book you in for a scan at 10 days or something??? Curious how many times we'll have to go in each cycle cause I'm pessimistic and it's such a hassle I bet! Good luck with this cycle x

RubaiyatOfAnyone Wed 02-Oct-19 20:04:37

I had 2 cycles of IUI at CRGH in London - tomorrow i will be 30 weeks pregnant from the 2nd round, so obviously happy with the results!

I had 2x chlomid each day up to ovulation, and then progesterone pessaries afterwards. I’ve weirdly forgotten alot of the details already, but i think I had to go on every other day from about day 7 for scans, and then on about day 13 they gave a trigger injection to do myself and 24hrs later i went in for the IUI.

LaniB Wed 02-Oct-19 20:07:45

Hey yea there is a bit of back and forth. My first cycle i called when i got my period had a scan on the 2nd day. Started letrozole for five days and had another scan 3 days after the last tablet. My follicles werent big enough so had another scan three days later. They called later that day and told me to take my ovitrelle injection that night and was booked in the following day for my iui then it was a 16day wait to go in for a blood test. My 2nd cycle wasnt like that though i have one scan booked for friday and then i find out if i have to go back for another before the iui. First cycle theres alot of back and forth but its not bad i was nervous before every appointment

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