Please help! No cramping in 2ww this time but had it with my successful cycle

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Piper51 Fri 27-Sep-19 12:30:39

As title says, I’m absolutely devestatwd to be 4 days past 5 day transfer from fet and I don’t have a single cramp/twinge or anything to suggest implantation or pregnancy. I feel absolutely normal. On my successful fresh I had very strong cramps and an implantation bleed as well as twinges and pains down my uterus and legs. I must not be pregnant as I know I would feel it like before? I’m really really upset and would appreciate any advice!

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sometimesalways Fri 27-Sep-19 12:36:22

Well I don't remember feeling anything different with my successful cycle... no bleeding, no cramps... but still BFP. and every pregnancy is different, they say (although I only had one so nothing to compare it to!). I'd say there's definitely still hope there!

LillyLeaf Fri 27-Sep-19 12:40:02

My fresh cycle had cramps, twinges etc, FET I felt nothing, both bfp. I don't think you can compare, especially a fresh and FET. Good luck

Piper51 Fri 27-Sep-19 12:42:36

Thank you both so much, that’s so reassuring! The 2ww is absolutely torturous. Really appreciate the responses.

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kell2126 Fri 27-Sep-19 21:02:20

I cramped right through the tww and it was a BFN – you never know! GL! x

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