DHEA or no DHEA?

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Babypinksandblues Tue 19-Nov-19 06:52:42

From what I now understand, it’s all about hormonal balance so it’s worth getting your DHEA, oestrogen, progesterone, prolactin etc all tested together.
As mentioned my DHEA was through the roof after self supplementing 75mg for 3 (spotty) months and my prolactin and oestrogen are also high. My AMH is on the low side but not critical.
I had surgery to remove multiple polyps/fibroids and endometriosis earlier this year which a medical friend has now suggested could have been caused by oestrogen dominance and high DHEA.
The whole thing is a minefield and I regret self supplementing before having my bloods tested. It’s really worth asking for the tests and they’re not expensive compared to everything else you’re investing in and the importance of getting it right.
I’ve quit the DHEA and started supplementing with Vitex, Maca, Alpha-Lipoic acid which are all supposed to be good for balancing hormones. And I’m taking B6 and Vitamin E which I’ve read lower or inhibit prolactin.
I’m also taking a bunch of other stuff after reading It All Starts With The Egg and I really thought I had it all covered .... until getting my DHEA tested and feeling a bit silly.
Anyway, that’s just my story and we are all individuals with biology so my only advice is to test you DHEA and anything else you can before self supplementing (I’m also getting my iron and D levels retested as my nurse said that people can push these too high too).
Good luck everyone and there are so many inspiring stories here which prove it only takes one egg (and of course a healthy sperm) to make a miracle happen xx

CurlyTwirlyTwos Mon 18-Nov-19 19:40:36

I've been advised to take them (AMH of 2) and I've done so without question 🤷‍♀️. I'm ready to throw everything at my ovaries.

First egg revival only got 2 eggs, so who knows!

Babypinksandblues Mon 18-Nov-19 19:29:41

Hello, I just wanted to drop a quick note on this subject to say please please please test your DHEA levels before self supplementing.
I’m 40 and after reading a lot about this topic I made the assumption that at 40, I would naturally have low DHEA levels. I asked my consultant a couple of months ago whether it was ok to take it and he pretty much said, I don’t prescribe it but if you want to take it fine.... so I thought, why not. So much out there about it improving egg quality...
I’ve since changed clinics (Another story) and decided to pay for a blood test to check my DHEA. They are DOUBLE the top end range for a 20 year old! My consultant had said not to worry and that it shouldn’t do me any harm (I’ve thrown the tablets away) but I feel so foolish for self medicating and I can’t imagine it’s done me any good.
Anyway, I just wanted to put this post out to please get your bloods checked before self medicating and don’t presume because you are older that your levels will be low.
Sending lots of love and positive vibes xx

Sw33t Wed 25-Sep-19 21:40:36

Thanks everyone! I know, I've heard that different clinics have different views. Can you get your androgen levels tested at the clinic? I might ring up and ask if it would be harmful to take it.

Like you @AliceAbsolum this is my one and only chance so I'm keen to throw everything at it. My AMH was 0.2 so I might not even get to the egg retrieval stage but I'm trying to stay positive and do all I can to improve my chances.

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AliceAbsolum Wed 25-Sep-19 20:50:56

Get your androgen levels tested, if they're low (especially testosterone) then I'd go for it. I'm taking it because I have an amh of 1, this is my last go and I'm throwing everything at it.

NICE guidance is generally around 5 years behind the current evidence. It all depends on which consultant you happen to get.

Wesstywoo Wed 25-Sep-19 17:54:09

@sw33t I haven't gone against advice but my clinic have actively advised me to take it - I think different clinics have different views on it!

Persipan Wed 25-Sep-19 17:38:31

I definitely would not take it without your clinic's knowledge; it could impact your hormones and mess with what the clinic are doing. If you're really keen to use it, ring up, explain that you know they aren't convinced by the evidence but ask whether whatever protocol they're planning for you would accommodate using it as well.


Sw33t Wed 25-Sep-19 16:41:58

Hi all,

So I've had my first consultation at the IVF clinic. Due to my practically non-existant AMH levels, I've been told that I have a 1% chance of it working. I've read 'It starts with an egg' and I asked at my appointment whether I should take DHEA to improve my chances. She said that there's no proof to say that DHEA works so she's advised not to take it but I've already bought some and I'm desperate to try anything that might make a difference. Do you think that I should still take it? Has anyone else taken it and gone against the clinic's advice?

Thanks in advance smile

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