REPROMEDA IVF Clinic in Czech Republic - Views Please

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JaydeD Mon 23-Sep-19 13:56:28

Husband and myself are looking into IVF ICSI overseas. So far im liking Repromeda in the Czech Republic. Theres not many reviews on them. Has anyone from the UK been and used there services? Can I please have opinions on this clinic. Thank you!!!

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Lrv1987 Mon 23-Sep-19 18:11:02

@JaydeD - I've not heard of that one- but I'm currently in the Czech Republic- we used Reprofit and I can't fault them at all
We had TESE and ICSI- only one embryo made it to blastocyst for us - it was implanted yesterday.
Their care was excellent- the facilities are amazing and I can't praise them highly enough
I take a test on 6th and if this fails I'd definitely return for another cycle

JaydeD Mon 23-Sep-19 18:34:37

@Lrv1987 Thanks for getting intouch! I cant understand the fact that barely anyones heard of them. They've been going 20 years they say. They have two clinics. Ive had a very good impression from them though. Il definitely have a look at Reprofit. I have on the other hand heard of them. We don't need TESE but we are unsure if we need IVF or ICSI as the staff at the clinic here (CARE NOTTINGHAM) are 50/50 on IVF or ICSI.

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Lrv1987 Mon 23-Sep-19 18:40:08

They're in Brno- which is where Reprofit is- and Reprogenesis
Maybe you could come for a visit and check out all the clinics and see which you like most

Bbdream Thu 24-Dec-20 14:56:38

Hi, it has few months since ur post but I am in the same situation with Repromeda. Did u do ur cycle with them?
Thank you

S1980 Mon 15-Mar-21 11:36:55

Hi. I am having same situation. Can any of you please let know as well if any of the clinic worked out for you how was the experience and if you can recommend any to me please.

CycleGirl20 Mon 15-Mar-21 12:16:55

This is super interesting. Are the clinics a lot cheaper? What sort of prices did anyone get per package?


Bbdream Mon 15-Mar-21 16:51:21

I had a good impression from the clinic too. The price for my case was almost 8K with all inclusive( Endometrio, PGT, sperm selection and embryo fertilization techniques, PANDA, and embryo fertilization ) and if I would decide to bank would be almost 3K with all the above ) meds are not included. I end up choosing another clinic but they seem very good. Good luck. x

Lrv1987 Wed 17-Mar-21 20:19:07

@S1980 I had a successful baby with Reprofit-
They were brilliant

Bbdream Fri 19-Mar-21 06:32:49

What I felt about Czech clinics is that they try to push for egg donation if you are above certain age or if you have diminished reserve. I strongly believe woman over 40 with diminish reserve can still use their own eggs.

Ellybeee Fri 19-Mar-21 16:44:16

@JaydeD I do not know Repromeda, but we went through Praga Medica and had IVF ICSI with them. The price was around 3.5K with meds and some extras. They have great reviews on Trustpilot and I can only say good things about them. The treatment worked and I am expecting now :-) I know they have free consultations now, so maybe worth asking.. Good luck!

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