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LaniB Sun 22-Sep-19 20:10:00

Currently on first cycle of iui. We had our first shot or ovitrelle 14days ago (9/9), iui procedure was the next day. We had a booster shot 6days ago (8 clicks 16/9) we still have 4days until our blood test appointment but were curious as can be expected and done a pregnancy test which was faint positive. What is more likely that its the hcg from the shots? Or that its a pregnacy? Read so much online about varying testing days. Cant wait for our blood test to find out either way.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Mon 23-Sep-19 07:37:41

Ovitrelle should be out of your system by now - is do another test and if the line is getting darker then you know hcg is increasing rather than decreasing

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