Fertility test recommendations please

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Daisypod Sun 22-Sep-19 22:31:32

Thank you for your replies. I wouldn't be looking to have any treatment I just would like to know whether it is unlikely so I can move on as atm every month there is that hope then it is dashed.
I do temp and do opks and get a definite thermal shift every month so I am pretty sure I am ovulating, in fact has a chemical in June.
Not really sure what I will do but useful to have that break down of tests possible. I know that my age is massively against me but I can't help but want another child.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sun 22-Sep-19 18:34:33

AMH and antral follicle count however - over 70% eggs could be abnormal and there is no way of testing for that unless you do IVF and PGS but IVF success rates plummet to 2% over 43 years old

Persipan Sun 22-Sep-19 16:15:01

Would you be looking at potentially pursuing any fertility treatment, or are you just looking for an answer? Because quite a lot of fertility testing is aimed at working out how well a person will respond to treatments. It's unlikely you'll get a definitive answer as to whether you could conceive again - at best, you'll get a sense of how likely/unlikely it is, but you have that anyway, really, because of your age.

Basic things that can be tested for:

Day 21 progesterone to test whether or not you're ovulating. (You may well be able to get a fair sense of that at home with opks and temping.)

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to give an indication of how hard your body is having to work to ovulate.

AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone) and antral follicle count (an internal scan) to give an indication of your egg reserve.

Testing to see if your fallopian tubes are clear (this would be a scan or x-ray with saline or contrast material introduced into your uterus via a catheter).

Semen analysis of your partner's sperm to make sure everything's OK on that end.

Honestly, though, the high likelihood is that even if you have all those tests, they would pretty much tell you what you already know - it might happen but your age is most likely having an impact. Personally, I wouldn't see the point of spending the money on testing unless you're planning on undergoing treatment, and tbh I would seriously consider jumping straight to donor eggs in that scenario. If that's not something you'd want to think about, then continuing to try without medical assistance is likely your best bet.

Sorry if that's a bit of a depressing answer - do see what others say, as they may disagree!

Are you finding that the pressure of trying and not knowing is the really hard thing? Do you feel like you might at some point want to proactively make a decision to stop trying, to break out of that feeling?

Best of luck, whatever you decide.

Daisypod Sun 22-Sep-19 13:03:29

We have been ttc for a year now but I know that due to my age, 43, it is unlikely although we do already have children together.
I desperately wanted one more but feel like it might be too late. I want to have tests done so that if it isn't going to happen I can try to move on but reading about it online is so confusing.
Can anyone recommend what tests would be best to have and what clinics to go to? We are in the midlands but happy to travel.
Thanks for any help you can give.

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