2ww after 5 day transfer

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peachesforfree Mon 16-Sep-19 14:43:06

I'm 7dp5dt

Is it normal to have no symptoms? boobs swollen and sore but other than that nothing. I am doing ok so far not testing or being tempted to test early, but when might I get a reliable result? I've been told to test on Thursday but the clinic didn't give me a particular test, just said get one from Boots!

Looking for advice, or moral support / insights if anyone is at the same stage this week!

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EarlGreyT Tue 17-Sep-19 12:32:01

It’s totally normal. I have in my time spent hours looking on various forums about this and usually made myself feel utterly hopeless as everyone else with a positive outcome seemed have symptoms and I never did.

Unless you’ve had an unmediated FET, the symptoms of the medication can be similar to pregnancy symptoms and it’s almost impossible to determine whether symptoms are the side effect of medication or implantation/pregnancy.

I don’t want to potentially give you false hope, but I’ve had 9 embryo transfers/2wws in my time and the ONLY difference between the ones with a negative test and a positive one has been slightly firmer swollen breasts starting about a week after transfer with the positive one. But it’s been subtle to the point where I wonder if it is just me wanting to see/feel something.

With an early response test, you’re likely to get an accurate result now. However, I’d advise you to wait until your official test day as I have never found testing early helpful and it always makes me more not less anxious! If you test early and get a negative you’ll probably be worrying and wondering if it’s only because you’ve tested too early and if you get a positive now, you’ll be worrying about whether it will still be positive on your official test day.

Good luck. The 2ww is torture.

peachesforfree Tue 17-Sep-19 17:27:47

Thank you so much! Sounds like you know your stuff :-/ hope you’ve had some good luck too xx

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