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Private IUI?

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Thelittleblackdog Sun 15-Sep-19 15:14:50

Hi 👋🏼

We've been TTC for 20 months with no luck at all. I'm 31 and DH is 32.

We've had numerous tests done and so far my tests have been fine, but my husband's have shown his sperm count is slightly low and have a higher than normal consistency of 'round sperm' (no tails).

The doctor felt we should still be able to conceive with his results, but obviously we haven't...

We're currently waiting to be referred to a fertility clinic on the NHS, but I'm considering private IUI.

Do you think:
1) this could be a good option for us, considering male factor seems to be the issue?
2) this would impact us being entitled for NHS treatment?

If yes to number 2, is there any way they'd know if we had the treatment and didn't declare it?

ChatWithMe Sun 15-Sep-19 16:46:37

There's no harm in trying (if you have the funds) but one attempt may not deliver - my clinic offers a three round package. If you get pregnant first time you get a small refund. My doc said that IUI has low success rates and is generally just used for same sex couples and people who can't have sex. Anyhow one thing I'm aware of is it doesn't matter what private treatment you have tried. NHS criteria is no previous children for either the man or woman and also trying for 2/3 years unsuccessful. Also there are age limits like 39/40. If you get NHS to fund Any IUI then they won't pay for IVF. Do it on your own without success and you still qualify for NHS treatment. Good luck x (P.S. I'm about to do 3 IUIs if this next embryo transfer fails)

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