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Ovary scan

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Hayley94 Fri 13-Sep-19 11:02:13

Hi everyone,

Diagnosed with PCOS at 15 and was told I would never conceive. I went on to have my now 7 year old unexpectedly. Now trying for #2 and doctor's have said the same again and have referred me for scans again.

I know it's possible (although difficult) as I have my son, but really very deflated. Just wanting my first period for pill now!

Chichz Fri 13-Sep-19 23:11:40

Hi Hayley,

I know how you feel. My lack of periods is driving me insane. Have started taking myo-inositol, but not feeling any different yet after a couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue with PCOS I think, as your story proves!

Which pill do you mean, out of interest? I am hoping to be offered something at my appointment in October.


Hayley94 Sat 14-Sep-19 00:23:24

I was on desogetrel for 8 years! I have heard good things about Myo inositol so keep me updated! How long have you been trying? X

shiveringtimber Sat 14-Sep-19 00:27:20

My DSD was also diagnosed with PCOS at 15 but went on to have two DC!smile

Chichz Sat 14-Sep-19 17:57:43

@Hayley94 I came off the pill July 2018, so more or less since then. Not strictly, but obviously just not on any contraception and I have tried a couple of other things. Will definitely keep you updated on the myo-inositol. Heard great things but sorta putting all my hope in it now! X

ckc45d10 Tue 17-Sep-19 18:03:59

CoQ10 is another supplement that may be supportive for PCOS! Good luck!

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