Progynova-did you have any side effects?

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Kitkat369 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:30:54

In the middle of my fet cycle as I had a freeze all due to my endo. Been on buserlin 0.5ml last 16 days and after scan at clinic I’ve been told to start 25mcg prognova 3x a day alongside 0.25ml of buserlin for next 12 days.

Aside from the odd headache and tiredness I didn’t get any other symptoms with buserlin alone.

Now I’m on part two and now doing oestrogen not sure what to expect and dreading it.

I just want this rollercoaster to be over as I don’t quite feel myself!

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ChatWithMe Wed 11-Sep-19 19:36:00

Hi Kitkat369

Funny cause I was actually going to post this same question today. I'm 38. Doing an FET also. Did IVF in July but fresh transfer failed and there is only one lil frosty so fingers crossed for both of us! How many embryos do you have in storage?

I'm on progynova tablets 3x a day and today is cycle day 10. I get my transfer next week Wednesday so only one week to go. When is yours?

I think I'm retaining water as I weigh a kg more than before estrogen tablets started. Also felt nauseous today with a funny tummy/abdomen region. Hard to explain. Pinchy feelings in my abdomen too sometimes last couple days. I'm guessing it's just the lining growing with rising estrogen levels.

Would be interesting to hear what symptoms others have while taking estrogen for embryo transfer....

ginandtonicformeplease Wed 11-Sep-19 19:53:57

I went up a bra size - breasts were very sore and tender. I did put a bit of weight on, but not masses. Apart from that, no side effects!

Kitkat369 Fri 13-Sep-19 07:15:29

Hi - snap! 😆. Great minds
I have two Frosties 5 day blastocyst in freezer which are apparently good quality though being age 41 kinda nervous of it working at all.

I’m on day 3 of progynova plus 0.25ml daily buserlin injections for another 9 days then have another scan before transfer date is decided, I’m guessing end of month, my first transfer so excited but nervous too.

Still trying to decide if I put the 1 or 2 back in! I feel bit bloated and had headache. Fingers crossed on your transfer hun 🤞

Hi ginandtonicformeplease-did the weight go back down after you finished the course? I’m conscious of that bit. Having been an avid slimming world member I’ve been astray so gained a bit but back on the plan to eat better in prep for hopefully bfp. I am nervous about this drug though as I have been feeling bloated. I’m happy to gain pregnancy weight steadily.

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ChatWithMe Fri 13-Sep-19 08:28:22

Thanks :-) In my experience if you don't get pregnant (as I've had a couple failed transfers), the symptoms go pretty quickly and you feel all back to normal once the next period has come and gone. I noticed that the progynova is also giving me spots that won't go away completely. Oh well. Babies are sooo worth it!

Oh and as for choosing one or two embryos I would be leaning towards doing one at a time. However, if you don't have the funds to go on to do a further embryo transfer then that might sway you to out back both. Are you ok with carrying and looking after twins? ;-)

ginandtonicformeplease Fri 13-Sep-19 11:35:26

After a BFP my clinic keeps you on the progynova for the first twelve weeks, and then when I had a miscarriage that turned to comfort eating, so I don't really know whether if you stop usually the weight falls off. Mostly it was just on my boobs though!

I've always said no to two embryos transferred - although it is cheaper in the short run, if it's a BFP twins are much more expensive in the long run!

Kitkat369 Fri 13-Sep-19 14:39:34

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage gin. I’m not sure if just to put both back in as not sure given my age if I
L even get a bfp. Plus would be nice to have kids though not thinking same time. I’m only 4ft 11 so no idea how I’d be if carrying twins but my aunts on mums side had twins naturally and we’re same height so I guess it might be doable.

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