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Stacey2007 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:50:14

Hi everyone just wondering if they is anyone going through ivf atm, I’m on my 4th injection, I can’t really say how I’m finding it, it’s still all so strange to me, I was so close to backing out of it, just because I’m so scared of it all, but finally I had a word with myself 😂 we’ve been trying to conceive for a couple of years, had all the tests and they said it’s unexplained infertility 🙄 so I’m not sure why things aren’t happening, just could do with people to chat to who’s going through this journey aswell 😁 xx

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doomkittycleo Sun 15-Sep-19 22:56:30

Hi @Stacey2007, I’m sorry to be the first to reply, you’re post has been here for several days unanswered.

I’m due to start my first round of IVF as soon as af arrives ( @due on the 25th September).

I have also been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

We conceived our 2 year old DD after 3 rounds of clomid after TTC for 2 years, but this time round clomid didn’t work, but also gave me cysts that stuck around for 3 months after stopping as well.

This appears to be my first normal cycle since the clomid, so we’re slightly optimistic that instead of af a bfp might be coming without needing the IVF.

The clinic have given me a px for a weeks worth of Buserelin first, so I have collected that and once af arrives I can order the rest of the meds.

That way we don’t waste loads of money if we get lucky and have conceived this cycle.

My anxiety is building as by a week on Wednesday I’ll either have a BFP or be in IVF, but atm have no way of knowing which it’s going to be.

Are you doing the long or short protocol? Are you getting many side effects?

Hopefully we can support each other.

Stacey2007 Mon 16-Sep-19 07:41:29

Hi @doomkittycleo Thankyou for your reply, I tried clomid for just a month with no luck so went straight to ivf. How you feeling about starting ivf? No 1 knows I’m doing it so that to me is a strange feeling because I’m so close to my family. I hope you get that BFP! 🤞🏼 I’m on the long protocol, and tbh I’m not having many side effects, I’m a little more tired than normal and moody 😂 but other than that I’m okay, hate the time of night when it’s injection time but I keep counting them down so it’s getting me through it xx

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doomkittycleo Mon 16-Sep-19 08:52:02

@Stacey2007 I’m a bit nervous, but a bit excited too. I’m not great with injections really, but I’m hoping as they are sub cutaneous that’s better than other types needles.

We haven’t told anyone about it either. Family know that it’s something we’re considering, but none of them know we’ve actually agreed to it.

They may find out eventually as we will need babysitters for DD when at appointments. So far we’ve just said we’re going to appointments, but not said what they’re for.

Stacey2007 Mon 16-Sep-19 17:55:27

Yeah you do get used to them, I haven’t done my own injections my partner has 😂 I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, I just think if everyone knows you can never get out of constantly talking about it and sometimes you need your mind to turn off about it, it’s such a rollercoaster isn’t it, I wish you all the best and 🤞🏼

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doomkittycleo Mon 23-Sep-19 14:44:53

@Stacey2007 Hi Stacey, af has just arrived, so I’ll be starting Buserelin tomorrow.

How are you getting on?

Stacey2007 Mon 23-Sep-19 14:48:23

Hi.. I haven’t found it to bad, my partner has been doing the injections for me. They sting a little but not all that bad, my moods have been awful and I can’t wait to get back to myself, other than that it’s been okay

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yug1502 Mon 23-Sep-19 19:30:27

Hello lovelies

I had a fresh cycle early this year which was cancelled due to OHSS. Straight after OHSS settled, FET was started which ended in failed pregnancy result last week. I got my periods 2 days after bfn and was hoping to start FET again i.e. start buselrin injection on day 21 but nurse at my clinic have told me that next cycle cannot be started till i bleed again in October as its the lining which is wearing off and this month bleed doesn't count. I dont get this as i was moved to FET straight from my fresh cycle post one bleed..has anyone faced this or i reckon my clinic is acting weird. I find this really inconsistent and my clinic didnt bother explaining as its all just a job for them.. no emotions involved ☹️

doomkittycleo Mon 23-Sep-19 19:51:08

@Stacey2007 DP will do them for me where possible, but he’s just told me he’s working away on Thursday, so I’m gonna have to brave at least one myself 😬.

@yug1502 I’m sorry I am only starting my first round tomorrow (ie Buserelin injections), so haven’t got any experience to offer. But if you’re not sure why they’re doing it differently this time, I’d definitely ring up and ask them to explain their reasons. We put a lot of trust in these clinics and you need to feel confident in their methods.

yug1502 Mon 23-Sep-19 20:06:55

Thanks @doomkittycleo i plan to do the same tomorrow. Just that it feels odd how some clinics are so insensitive 😐

All the best with your injections xx

Stacey2007 Tue 24-Sep-19 22:15:10

So I don’t know if to be sad.. happy... worried, had my first internal scan today, he found a cyst... ( must be from the injections) because I never have any before. It’s made me so worried though has anyone else had this?

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doomkittycleo Wed 25-Sep-19 07:15:26

@Stacey2007 I have had cysts for the past 2-3 months after trying clomid. They went away on their own, but the nurse assured me that if any remained by this month that the Buserelin would get rid of them.

Did the clinic say what their plan of action will be now?

Stacey2007 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:20:22

Ohh really. He never really said just that if my bloods come back okay I can then start the second injection tomorrow ( thur) so I’m not sure what they could see on my bloods 🤔... it’s such a strange rollercoaster isn’t it. My mood is all over the place, one min I’m up the next Min I’m down 😔

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doomkittycleo Fri 27-Sep-19 16:24:45

Just to let you guys know.

I picked up the rest of my IVF medication at ASDA this morning, but also found FRER’s for 90p for a pack of 2.

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