Where can i get advanced tests done?

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Zest11 Tue 10-Sep-19 18:27:52


Please could anyone give me some advice on where to get further tests done? I have had 1 failed IVF and 2 natural cps in the last 3 years. I am in the unexplained category. I also recently had tests called "Full Thrombophilia screen' which seems normal as well as lupus anticoagulant which seems normal apart from 'one stage prothrombin time" which says above high reference limit. Anyone know if that's important and what it means? Does anyone know where I can go for the next lot of tests? I guess I have to look more into immunes and to be honest, I just want to get everything possible done!

Thank you

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Cariad82 Fri 13-Sep-19 21:16:50

Hi there

I don’t know what the prothrombin thing is sorry, but I have had 3 failed IVF rounds, 2 of which were chemical pregnancies, so I've had various tests done.

I'd had all the basic tests done as part of my initial investigations before starting IVF, but I decided to have them all refreshed plus extras which I’d researched. Basically the 'Level 1 immunes'. So I had the following done via my GP:

Hep C
Anti-nuclear antibodies
Cardiolipin antibodies
Rheumatoid factor
Smooth muscle
Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
Lupus anticoagulant screen
Urea and Electrolytes
Free Androgen Index
Testosterone profile
Thyroid function panel
T4 and TSH

I then paid privately for Serum hidden infection testing (chlamydia, herpes, bacterial load) and karyotyping for both of us. I also had private Immunoglobulin (A, G, M), DHEA & DHEAS tests done.

I considered having the Coventry biopsy but my clinic are going to empirically prescribe the drugs I'd be given if I tested positive there, so decided not to bother. You might want to look into that though. The other thing you can consider immunes wise is the Level 2 Chicago tests. I was given the advice though that such a small percentage of people actually have immune issues that the expensive Level 2 tests aren’t worth doing unless you’ve exhausted all other options.

All of the tests came back normal for me, with the exception of the bacterial load test which I then took antibiotics for.

I then went back to my GP and got a referral to get a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, which I had on Monday and which diagnosed me with stage 4 endometriosis (which I've never had any real symptoms for). So looks like I finally have my answer. If you haven’t had them, I would highly recommend getting a hysteroscopy, lap and hycosy. There is way more chance of you having a problem that they would show than a problem immunes testing would show.

Hope that helps a bit x

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