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Maggie9000 Tue 10-Sep-19 16:01:56


Had a 5BB blast transferred yesterday afternoon, already convinced it hasn't worked as I have got myself a chest infection so my temperature is a little raised and I've had to take paracetamol sad
I've never done an FET before, and this is a natural cycle so I've been told not to take progesterone, so not even fake symptoms to go by!! I just feel poorly and down and pretty darn emotional sad

Wondered if anyone had some inspiring stories or indeed are around the same time as me?

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ChatWithMe Wed 11-Sep-19 20:57:59

Hi Maggie9000 - sorry you're feeling unwell and hopeless. I'm having a 5BB transferred on Wednesday next week. However my frosty took 6 days to get to blastocyst instead of 5 so less chance of success from what I've read. However if yours was frozen day 5 then your chances are better. Hopeful for both of us. It's in the hands of chance now I'm afraid so try to rest and watch funny TV/videos. Hugs x

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