Low estradiol/estrogen

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Bvan Sat 07-Sep-19 10:38:12

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and really hoping you can help. I've been searching for this topic but not finding out much and Google is helping either.
I've been ttc for 6 months and just had my first GP appointment and blood tests at CD5. All my bloods were in the normal range except my estradiol which was very low at 69pmol/l.
I have very regular cycles of 32 days and have been temping for a few years showing ovulation every month without fail.
I'm 33, have endometriosis, and have had a cyst removed from my ovary 7 years ago, with regular ultrasounds since finding no further cysts.
All the info I can find on low estradiol or low estrogen talk about irregular or long cycles, which I don't have, or menopause, which I have no symptoms of.
My blood tests were emailed to me automatically from the hospital, which took me by real surprise, as I wasn't expecting to know the results until after the day 21 progesterone test. It doesn't seem quite right to have the results without explanation from the gp.
So I guess I'm writing this in the hope that someone out there knows a bit more about this, or has gone through it themselves with a bfp at the end.
So just writing this is helping me feel a little less alone!
Thanks everyone ❤️

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bicyclesandbeyond Mon 09-Sep-19 09:48:52

Hi there Bvan,
Don't worry about this at all - I had a similar result on my d4 bloods. It was explained to me that oestradiol level will be at its lowest at this time of the month so this will be your absolute baseline. It can be particularly low if you are slim or exercise a lot. As your follicles develop in the follicular phase your oestradiol level will rise, peaking just before ovulation. I got a private blood test to check this (I was freaking out too!) and my levels rose from 90 to 950. Hope this helps. Good luck x

Bvan Mon 09-Sep-19 22:51:06

Oh thank you so much for this! You really helped put my mind at ease. My gp also called today to reassure me, and said its probably due to being petite, but that my regular cycles and temperatures show I'm ovulating which is what matters in the end. She's repeating the estradiol test when I go for the day 21 progesterone test just to be sure though. Minor freak out over! Until the next one 😂

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