IVF Clinic Recommendation over 40

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LKCS Wed 04-Sep-19 04:40:26

Also so glad you were successful;)

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LKCS Wed 04-Sep-19 04:39:52

Thank you will check them out...

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Misty999 Wed 04-Sep-19 02:33:07

Create Bristol specialises is natural ivf for women with a low amh and older women. I am younger than you but my amh was 1.8, we had success with a three cycle package. After three failed high stim rounds in other clinics.

LKCS Wed 04-Sep-19 02:21:36

I am about to turn 41, my AMH is 5.1, and we have no visible reproductive issues. We have been lucky and had our first child when I was 37 and he was an accident. Since then my partner and I have tried for 17 months, one early miscarriage and no joy. We have had one round of IUI which was unsuccessful. I am actually living in Australia currently where IVF is $18K! Therefore we are considering coming back to the UK for private treatment and would love a recommendation on a clinic in the West Country...

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