IVF/ICSI initial consultation

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Lalla525 Sun 01-Sep-19 18:30:29

Hi All,

My partner has just been diagnosed with asthenoteratospermia (0% motile sperms and most of them are of bad morphology). We will need ICSI to hope to conceive. I don't know how fertile I am, GP did some blood tests but did not find anything abnormal. I am 33 and he is 34.

We have our first consultation on the 3rd with a clinic in London.

I feel completely lost. I have lots of fears but struggle to transform them in sensible questions to ask to the dr. I don't even know anymore what are the priorities.

My partner is an excellent person, but poor organiser and I generally take-on the organising, but I am in a complete meltdown and failing to think straight. I also have a very demanding job, which does not leave much time to think/organise.

Can anybody help with some advice/tips of what you wish you'd know before starting the journey? Anything would help.

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