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Low progesterone on day 21, but saw an egg?

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Sylva123 Fri 30-Aug-19 18:11:16

So my day 21 test has shown very low progesterone both times ive had it done, which according to Google means I probably didn't ovulate.
However, I had a scan just before "ovulation" where I saw the egg ready to go and I did an ovulation test, which suggested ovulation happened on day 15. I did the day 21 test on day 22, as advised by my doc. So if the progesterone is saying I didn't actually ovulate, where did the egg go?
We're planning to start IVF at the end of the year, once I've had a cyst removed, but I cant help wishing each month that it'll happen before then. Anyone else had low progesterone? Is IVF the only answer?

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