Am I tracking incorrectly

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Newmums16 Thu 29-Aug-19 10:09:20

Been TTC for coming up to 18 months. Trying to build up the courage to go to the GP but in the meantime I’m wondering if I’m tracking my periods wrongly. I use the Ovia app to track. Sometimes a get a few spots of blood before my ‘main flow’ I would call it and I always track my period from when that starts. Should I be tracking it from the first signs of blood? Sorry for TMI

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LillyLeaf Thu 29-Aug-19 10:13:31

Day 1 is full flow not spotting. Get yourself to your GP, fertility investigations can take months so no harm in starting the process.

SparrowSG Thu 29-Aug-19 16:30:20

You could also try using some cheapie ovulation test strips to see when your LH surge is. I use some called 'One Step' and they work really well. I would also say not to waste time and get to the Drs as referral appointments do sometimes take months to come through.

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