Progynova 2mg lubion 25mg and cyclogest

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CLT13 Mon 26-Aug-19 20:48:35

Has anyone experienced bleeding throughout taking these meds? Is there anything your doctor did differently?

2weeks period while on 8mg of progynova daily so continue an extra week. Lining still only getting to 7mm then heavy bleeding 3 days after FET, getting a positive pregnancy result but then HCg levels drop as bleeding continues even with lubion injections and pesseries.

Just wondered if different clinics offer different drugs or help in this situation.

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PrayingandHoping Tue 27-Aug-19 10:58:20

I was on 3 progynova a day, lubion and 4 cyclogest a day. Had a positive blood test. Brown spotted at 6 weeks, had heartbeat at 7 weeks. Then brown spotted again at 9 weeks for a week with 2 bright red blood flushes. Consultant said it was cervical erosion and all has been well. I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant.

CLT13 Tue 27-Aug-19 13:17:42

Thanks for your reply, Aww that's great news. Congrats.
My trouble is after the buserelin once I get my period I start taking 4 progynova a day and the bleeding continues for 2 weeks (which is a normal period for me) then after FET a couple of weeks later, I start bleeding within a few days and it doesn't stop, even with added drugs.
Hopefully one day it will work but had 3 failed so far. Even after a positive test it doesn't last.

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