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Kayla7 Mon 26-Aug-19 14:00:55

I'm currently in my 2nd round as first failed, my cycle has been abandoned due to not responding how they would like plus bank hol so can not monitor me! They have asked me to continue with stims for 2 days an then trigger tomorrow and to try naturally as we have unexplained infertility! Has anyone had success with this feeling really down in the dumps today

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StarlyBeee Tue 27-Aug-19 12:18:22

Hi @Kayla7 me and my husband started IVF January 2019 and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. Honestly the whole journey is a rollercoaster and you want to plan what is going to happen but you can't. We got delayed a few times due one reason or another but it paid off for us smile

Bit of advice for IVF only plan what happens next if you try plan three of four appointments down the line or focus to much on what's coming it's really hard to control your emotions. Hope this helps xxx

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