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DANNII35 Fri 23-Aug-19 13:14:59

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering as I’m 35 and never thought about having children but now i really would like to have a baby but had a lot of gynaecological problems i had a smear test which needed loop procedure treatment and in 2014 had keyhole surgery which they said my left ovary was stuck to the pelvic wall (pelvic peritoneal adhesions) they freed it up. I can’t get to my doctor till next week so I’m just seeing if anyone has had the same problem and was everything ok trying to get pregnant? The doctor didn’t say i had endometriosis. Thanks in advance xx

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physicskate Fri 23-Aug-19 19:52:03

Basically with fertility, you don't know until you try...

As you have quite an extensive gynaecological history, not a bad plan to see the gp to see if you'll need any further intervention when you do become pregnant. Also you might discuss if you'll be considered high risk.

DANNII35 Sat 24-Aug-19 13:35:28

Thank you, i was on the pill for years and only just come off it but my periods have always been irregular and last month it was 2 months before my period started. I’m going to check with the gp smile

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physicskate Sun 25-Aug-19 00:48:13

It's not at all unusual for periods to be irregular when coming off the pill for up to a year. How irregular are they when on the pill? Was it the pop? Cause those weren't periods, just breakthrough bleeds.

A chat with the gp sounds worthwhile for you. Hopefully they can reassure you that nothing needs to be done until you find yourself pregnant within a few months.

Good luck.

DANNII35 Sun 25-Aug-19 22:33:02


They have always been irregular but i was on and off the pill for a while but now completely off it. I was on the Yasmin pill. The gynaecologist said i had severe dyskaryosis and had treatment for that and then in 2014 i had keyhole surgery and they found my left ovary stuck to my pelvic wall which they freed up. Then it said before the surgery in 2012 i had 3cm hypodense lesion measuring fluid attenuation (likely ovarian cyst) and said there is an area of dense shadowing over the dome of the vagina area. Sorry for the long message lol. My mum said she seems to think i can’t get pregnant as I’m 35 now and as i was on and off the pill for years. I’m scared to go to the gp in case they give me bad news.

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squirrelnutkins1 Sun 25-Aug-19 22:44:12

As has been said, you won't know until you try. Please try not to think the worst at this point. In the nicest possible way, there's people on these boards who've been trying for 2,3,4,5,6,7+ years with not a sniff of joy, you're not there yet. So go have the chat with your gp and go from there, dont jump ahead of yourself. I wish you all the very best 🙏🏻

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