PCOS, long cycles, delaying period. Are my light cycles a cause for concern?

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Mycrazylife85 Wed 21-Aug-19 10:28:06

Hello all. Having come off the pill in January I've worked hard to get my cycles down to 40 days. Dieting and taking myo-inositol. My periods have been 74, 54 and 40 and 40. I don't think it's going to reduce further.

If I have another 40 day cycle I'll come on just on time for my only holiday away. I'm certain I won't be pregnant by then but don't want to take Norethisterone tablets to delay it if it'll cause further havoc with my cycles. I'd just leave it and suck it up?

Also, my periods are so light I only need to use a panty liner. This has been the same on all cycles. Do you think it's worth going to my GP about any of this?

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AliceAbsolum Thu 22-Aug-19 16:46:50

Yes, say you've been TTC for a year and get tested, your partner too. Fertility is tricky and time is rarely on our side.

Holly19 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:01:53

Do you use ovulation tests? If not I would do. I know with long cycles it might be a boring task testing every day to catch it but I would be wondering if you aren’t actually ovulating if you bleed very lightly

Mycrazylife85 Thu 22-Aug-19 18:54:16

Thank you both.

@AliceAbsolum I booked the doctors. You are right. It's five weeks anyway 🙄☺️
@Holly19 yes, I have only had one obvious positive but on two occasions a very strong almost then 13 days later my very very light period. It makes me think I am, but I don't know. Bought a load of tests but o don't need to start testing until about day 25 for me it's such a long cycle 😏

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