Natural cycle for embryo transfer - questions

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Holly147 Tue 20-Aug-19 12:50:53

Hi, I have requested a natural frozen embryo transfer cycle for my 2nd attempt (as suggested by a poster on here - thank you smile) and the clinic have agreed. It sounds great - no side effects, plus hopefully a bit quicker! But I just have a few questions/concerns about it that I was hoping someone on here with experience might be able to answer.

I was told I need to have a regular cycle for it to work. My cycle was fairly regular last time I actually had a natural one - I have been on hormones on and off for a year so difficult to remember! But does it need to be an absolutely regular 28-day cycle? I would always have a period every month and it would never be early, although occasionally up to 6/7 days late.

Also, do you need to take oestrogen and/or progesterone after embryo transfer, or is it usually completely drug-free? Just want to know so I can plan work around side effects!

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unclemontyscrumpets Tue 20-Aug-19 16:30:22

I’m just about to have a natural FET so I can answer this- by ‘regular’ they just mean that you usually ovulate and it’s fairly predictable so they can schedule scans at vaguely the right times. My cycle is typically 25-27 days.

I had a completely natural cycle- so no drugs at all, just a scan on day 8, one on day 11 and weeing on ovulation sticks to until I got the static smiley face. Once I saw that my transfer was scheduled for 6 days later (as I have 5/6 day blastocysts). Sometimes you can take progesterone if you need some lining support, but this is my first time go and there’s nothing to suggest I need that yet so we’re trying without.

I hope that’s helpful smile

Holly147 Tue 20-Aug-19 16:59:22

That's brilliant, @unclemontyscrumpets - thanks very much smile. I was wondering whether scans would still be needed. Great that there aren't any drugs at all.

It's strange that it's not offered routinely by clinics (or at least not in mine) where it would be suitable. I realise that it means they can't schedule it like they would with a medicated cycle, but this must be a lot cheaper.

Good luck for your transfer!

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unclemontyscrumpets Tue 20-Aug-19 17:30:19

@Holly147 I think you’ve hit the nail on the head- they’re more difficult to arrange and less lucrative. My clinic did offer natural and medicated, to be fair- and I think if this one doesn’t work I will go for medicated next time as it’s easier to arrange with work. There are only so many dentist appointments at short notice once can realistically need!

Thank you- good luck to you too! flowers

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 20-Aug-19 18:10:03

I also did natural FET - 2-3 scans just checking that there was a lead follicle - first FET I didn't need a trigger shot as for a clear LH surge second FET I did do a trigger shot as follicle was at a good size but hadn't had LH surge

I do take progesterone cyclogest and prednisolone but that's for recurrent miscarriage - you shouldn't necessarily need progesterone as you will have a corpus luteus cyst following ovulation which releases progesterone naturally to support a pregnancy but many clinics like to give you a bit of a extra anyway

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