When will this Clomid madness end?!

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EL8888 Tue 20-Aug-19 09:54:48

I took Clomid for the first time this month, l had little side effects on the days l was actually taking it. Since then my skin is spotty / sore, l have stomach ache, a constantly upset stomach, lm very tired (2 people at work yesterday asked me what was wrong as l'm not myself) and my mood / mental state are terrible. I am on day 13 of this cycle. When will feeling shit stop?!

I know there is a Clomid thread running but l don't think l can get through hundreds of comments!

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squirrelnutkins1 Tue 20-Aug-19 20:43:23

I've been on Letrazole days 2-6. The first month was horrific. The tiredness was like nothing I'd experienced before. I had a three hour Saturday afternoon nap one day! I think by about day 13 I was getting over the worst of it.
The second cycle was slightly better symptom wise. Still tired but not the same.
I know what you mean about the other thread lol!

EL8888 Tue 20-Aug-19 21:48:39

Phew! So it’s not just me then. Im so tired and sick of feeling shit. Hopefully the end is in sight....

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squirrelnutkins1 Tue 20-Aug-19 21:57:29

Here's hoping we don't have to have any/many more cycles!! I'm in the tww on my second round of Letrazole 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

EL8888 Tue 20-Aug-19 23:16:27

Lots of vibes for us both!

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ClomidCarrow Wed 21-Aug-19 11:30:45

First round of Clomid for me too. My only side effects were hot flushes and low mood, but both were pretty horrendous. Lasted till about CD13.

I'm now in TWW too, and tearing my hair out!! Doc wants me to wait until 15DPO before I test. As if! grin

Are either of you taking progesterone?

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 21-Aug-19 11:52:54

@ClomidCarrow eek exciting. I'm also in tww. I won't test unless I'm late, can't bear it! Not on progesterone. I've read a few people having the trigger shot but that's not been mentioned for me.


ClomidCarrow Wed 21-Aug-19 12:28:23

@squirrelnutkins1 No, I didn't get a trigger shot either. I had a scan on CD14, the same day I got a positive OPK, and Doc said I had two follicles measuring big enough that both should have released an egg. He said I had a 40% shot this month, so I'll take that!

You have incredible discipline! Well done! I have a couple of cheap tests which I may use at the weekend - 10 and 11dpo. I have a FRER which I'm going to save until 15dpo. AF is due the day after that.

Good luck!

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 21-Aug-19 16:29:06

I had a scan the first month and had one large follicle ready to go. They said not to monitor for the next 2 months to try and keep everything as natural as possible.

Wow 40% is good! Keep us posted!!! I'm due on next tue. We've been trying for 2 years this month with one early mc so I just can't bear the disappointment of testing.
I've got some clear blue in the cupboard but everyone says they're rubbish and first response is the best way to go. Not sure I can justify spending money of FR when I've got 4 CB in the cupboard!


ClomidCarrow Wed 21-Aug-19 17:16:13

@squirrelnutkins1 are you on cycle 3 now? I'm very sorry for your loss. This whole journey is so utterly heart breaking.

Defers go with the CB, and hopefully you can splash out on a FR to confirm a lovely line!

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 21-Aug-19 18:44:39

This is my second cycle @ClomidCarrow yes I really hope so! How long have you been trying? It's awful isn't it 💔 I was out with a friend earlier pushing her pushchair with a beautiful smiling baby looking back at me 💔💔💔

EL8888 Wed 21-Aug-19 23:21:27

@ClomidCarrow no progesterone, scan or trigger shot. 21 days bloods is the only monitoring really

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ClomidCarrow Thu 22-Aug-19 08:30:30

@squirrelnutkins1 I love my friends kids, but sometimes I have to shut myself away. Well done for braving it ♥️

This is cycle 13 for us of actively trying (OPKs etc) but I was wanting to try long before that so I feel this has been my life for over two years. I've been tracking my cycles for about 2.5 years.

@EL8888 it's so strange how monitoring varies so much. Are you using OPKs?

I had been so positive, but woke up this morning feeling like it hasn't worked. My mood has plummeted 😖

EL8888 Thu 22-Aug-19 09:08:21

@ClomidCarrow lm on cycle 15 so l feel your pain. No, lm sick of OPK’s plus l heard Clomid affects the effectiveness of them???

Bless you, l hope you feel better. It’s not done until it’s done!!! To be honest l have assumes since before l took the Clomid that it wouldn’t work for us

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