IVF/ICSI September - support and hopefully giggles to get us through this mad roller coaster :-)

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BellaD85 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:23:26


Thought I would start a new thread for all of us going through IVF/ICSI in September.....to give support and also receive support though this mental time!!

First time or multiple rounds - everyone is welcome :-)

This is my second round after a chemical/early miscarriage in June. Started Northisterone today with my injections starting on the 4th Sept (Menopur and Fyremadel).

Bring on the hormone roller coaster and fluid retention!!!

Hope to give/receive support and make people smile on the tough days...also a place where anything can be said and not judged.

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Doris19 Wed 21-Aug-19 22:44:41

Hi @BellaD85 I'm about to start my first down reg cycle (AF due 1st Sept) so I guess will be a bit behind you, after a MC in June. Are you on long or short protocol??

Youngatheart00 Wed 21-Aug-19 22:47:19

Nurses appt tomorrow with a view to starting with my next cycle in September.

Absolutely petrified tbh! Think the support on these forums is going to be a great help.

Especially nervous about how the meds will affect me and the injections (I’m not good with needles).

Positive vibes to all!

Pineapples1980 Fri 23-Aug-19 21:29:15

Hi I’m due to start end of September. Got the blood test, nurse consent and baseline scan mid September. I’ve honestly never been so scared and worry that I’ll not be able to cope with it but don’t see any way round it. We’ve been trying for 19 months and I’m 39 so time is running out.

HappyParent2000 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:49:42

Appt for med advice in a week then egg collection soon after.

Its all getting close! Sept is going to be a big month.

Implantation is a while yet still, around November I think.

Youngatheart00 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:51:50

If I’m reading this right it looks like mine is a 10 week treatment process from starting cycle through to pregnancy test. I start at the start of my next cycle. On day 2 at the moment (and feeling dreadful!) so it’s all getting very real now.

Pineapples1980 Sat 24-Aug-19 10:22:18

Youngarheart00 is day 2 classed as the second day of your period? Like you I’m nervous around needles and am so scared about how it’s going to affect me. I’m going to tell my boss as I need to know that .org are (hopefully ) going to allow time off etc.

This is all so far out my comfort zone.

Youngatheart00 Sat 24-Aug-19 14:20:16

Thats right, second day of period.

I sent a written notification / request to my (female) boss yesterday saying I’m going to need some flexibility between now and the end of December. She hasn’t replied yet!

BellaD85 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:26:37

Hi Ladies! Welcome :-)

Thanks for joining the thread :-) Support is key through this time!! I met with a close friend today who is going through a frozen transfer after the first one didn't work and all we did all day was exchange the crazy thoughts that run through your head through IVF!! It's a tough process and you need as much support as you can get!

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BellaD85 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:28:43

@Doris19 Hi :-) I think i'm on long this time as on tablets for 11 days before the injections. I take my last one on the 30th Aug so will be around the same time as you! I have to have a bleed after the last tablet on the 30th and then I start my injections on the 4th Sept. Is this your first round?

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BellaD85 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:31:02

Hello @Youngatheart00 How did the appointment go? Have you got your dates and meds yet? With you saying next cycle do you mean AF? Is this your first round. It's quite a scary thought at first but to be honest once you get the hang of the injections it's not soo bad. I would say the emotions are the hardest to get through....that's why you need a support group.

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BellaD85 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:35:57

@Pineapples1980 Hello! I'm sorry to hear that you have been trying for so long, I understand about your concerns about your time running out. I'm 34 however I have mature ovaries so they placed me at the age of around 40. It's such a cliché and the first time someone said it to me I actually wanted to punch their face in but no matter how many eggs you have it really is all down to quality! I only had 5 all in all from the 1st cycle, 2 made it to Blasto and only 1 of those was good quality....but it worked!!!!! |It didn't last however that was just my body. Please keep the faith and please don't worry that time is running out x

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BellaD85 Sat 24-Aug-19 23:38:09

@HappyParent2000 Hi! So have you started your stims? Exciting that Egg Collection is soon! Mine is booked for the 16th Sept with Egg Transfer on the 21st Sept...fingers crossed for us both!! How have you found the IVF so far?

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Youngatheart00 Sun 25-Aug-19 10:08:19

Hello @BellaD85 - I agree re the support network. I find it hard to open up “in real life” so this is going to be great.

Yes. Next AF, due in 3.5 weeks, I call them on that day and they order my meds. I then start taking tablets on day 21. I think that’s the “short protocol”?

My main anxiety is around how the meds will affect me, obviously not relishing the needles but think I will get over that pretty quick. Mind over matter and all that!

Currently trying to have a super - healthy 6 weeks in the run up to starting the meds. Easier said then done as I haven’t always been the healthiest but I’ve got a clear reason.

Sending best wishes to all others at this stage too - I hope this thread provides us all with some support.

BellaD85 Sun 25-Aug-19 11:17:42

Morning @Youngatheart00 it really is a great support! There's no-one better to understand than a woman/women going through the same thing! I found that telling people that hadn't been through it only made me get more anxious because they didn't really understand. It really is a rollercoaster physically and mentally - but that's why you have us :-)

Yes looks like you are on short protocol :-) It's good to try and have a healthy few weeks as it puts your mind in a good place....but don't be too hard on yourself...you still need cake and chocolate and whatever makes you happy at times!

Everyone has a different experience on the meds but to give you a rough idea you will feel bloated on the first injections (the stims) I ended up with a lot of fluid retention so I had to buy bigger trousers! Egg collection is fine because they give you a sedative and it just feels like period style pains after but you do end up with a bit of belly cramp as for some strange reason it can make you not go to the toilet and also a little bit of trapped wind! The Progesterone was ok. I was quite teary throughout and it was a bit of a rollercoaster each day but you just have to be kind to yourself and know it's perfectly normal!! Your body goes through so much so you know what you can feel however the hell you want to feel :-)

Do you mind me asking if you are doing this with a partner/alone/donor?

The main thing to remember I guess on the meds is that you will have a LOT of crazy thoughts but it's totally normal and that's what your support group is for :-) a rant really helps on the tough days!

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Youngatheart00 Sun 25-Aug-19 17:22:45

@BellaD85 it’s my DH and me smile. He’s been fantastic since I had to have both of my tubes out rather unexpectedly last year. Really patient and I know he will be a great support through this. However, I don’t think I could let him do the injections!!

Thanks for all your handy experience re the meds and side effects. Basically not planning anything that isn’t easily cancellable during the autumn so I don’t put pressure on myself. Netflix, books, autumn walks and naps are going to be my survival strategies (and mumsnet of course!!)

BellaD85 Sun 25-Aug-19 18:36:07

@Youngatheart00 That's great that your DH is supportive :-) My DH has also been great but I think there have been times where he has found it difficult because everything happens to me.....I have just tried to keep talking to him about how I am feeling and made him a part of it by letting him prepare my injections. We had a joint lesson on how to do the injections but in the end I did them myself :-) They gave me a strap on stomach to wear...it was quite hilarious!!

Oh you are the same as me! I had both my tubes removed 6 years ago. I feel for you as it's a lot to go through!!

Your plan while you are going through treatment sounds perfect! I found that once I was fully on the meds that I didn't want to go out very much so having something planned to do instead like a good book or Netflix is great :-) Also the chance to chat on here too....that really helps!

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