First period after IVF?

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Jojo19834 Mon 19-Aug-19 06:37:19

Hi Ladies, a little gross in subject matter, but just wondered what your first bleed after a BFN looked like? I tested early with a BFN yesterday, this morning I have brown discharge. Doesn’t look like AF but nothing is normal with my body on these drugs! I’m 9dp5dt

Thanks xx

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Zest11 Mon 19-Aug-19 07:18:07

I am sorry if this cycle hasn't worked for you. When is OTD? Mine was pretty gross. Mine did start like AF in that I had spotting which then got heavier. Lots of, well, "bits" and "chunks" came out which was probably the progesterone gel. It was much heavier than normal. The first bleed after IVF is actually called a withdrawal bleed. After that I was probably about 5 or 6 days later ovulating which meant my period after that was late but that one was pretty normal.

FairyAnn Mon 19-Aug-19 07:31:14

Sorry to hear it didn't work out this time 🙁

I'm about the have my 3rd implantation failure period and I won't sugarcoat it - they can be quite unpleasant. Mine are like my regular period, but with longer, more painful cramps, and heavier bleeding.

Get painkillers at the ready and a hot water bottle. I'd also grab some heavy flow pads or tampons if you haven't already.

Jojo19834 Mon 19-Aug-19 08:42:28

Thanks ladies, thought it was going to be bad! Can you still use tampons or are pads advisable, i know which I’d prefer! Did yours start off a normal colour, mine is very brown, however, it is clumpy so think that means AF. At least I can get on with counting down to a new try. Sorry ladies that you’ve been through it too, hope you’ve had, will have some good luck soon x

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Zest11 Mon 19-Aug-19 08:49:08

Yes that is the good thing...that we can count down to the next try. Yes mine was very very dark brown to start with. I actually used pads in the beginning because there were just so many clumps etc and then tampons when it got more normal and red. I guess it's down to what you prefer. Good luck with the next one! Xx

Persipan Mon 19-Aug-19 11:39:53

Mine have always been just like any other period!

Jojo19834 Mon 19-Aug-19 16:11:46

We are all different aren’t we! Let’s see what mine turns into and then I can add my opinion when others go through this. Mumsnet has been great through this process

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