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JoJoMcK12 Sun 18-Aug-19 21:33:34

Hi all - first time poster, not used to all the acronyms sorry. No specific questions, just looking for some guidance, moral support, an outpost to share my journey.

I'm 32, in a relationship and TTC for around 2.5 years. I had childhood cancer (wilms tumour) and my left kidney removed at 5 years old. Later had acute appendicitis (12 years old), where appendix burst and further surgery. Due to my medical history I started down the road of NHS fertility testing just prior to 1 year of TTC. All normal, albeit after a hycosy and hysteroscopy, the discovery of a polyp that was removed last summer. Consultant happy that previous cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) not affected fertility, as cycles normal and regular. Also had AMH test, which is in the average band.

My OH has had numerous sperm tests and all have come back with around 2-3% morphology so just below the WHO guidelines. All other parameters are normal. He's been trying to improve lifestyle (diet and going to the gym), as well as taking vitamin supplements. We await the results of a more recent test to see if this has had any positive affect.

So general unexplained infertility with possible male factor issue.

We are in an area with no NHS funding for IVF so have been looking at private clinic options. Have been advised to go straight to IVF with ICSI. We've just been trying to carry on trying naturally whilst researching and saving!

Through research we have found a local nurse led subsidised service, which provides an option for us, as we fit within their parameters and it is at a significantly reduced cost but only offers 1 cycle. Otherwise we are looking at "Access Fertility" whilst using a private clinic but high initial cost...

So much to think about and it's all taking a toll on emotions. I've suffered with anxiety and depression in the past (which I guess could have contributed to not being successful so far) but in a better place mentally now. It just seems EVERYONE else around me either has kids or is pregnant and just no one to talk to about it. Feeling quite alone.

Thanks for reading ☺️

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Dia12 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:22:38

Sorry to hear you are having to consider fertility treatment. It can be incredibly frustrating knowing there are no serious issues and yet be unable to conceive ....especially when so many ppl of all walks of life seem to make it look so easy., but there are still so many struggling. I only learnt how common place this struggle once I'd started fertility treatment myself and hear new stories everyday so you are certainly not alone.
Mumsnet has been an absolute life saver and a invaluable source of information for me, so hope this helps you too.
Look after your health and mind, eat well, have fun, and keep yourself busy, there are lots of positives for you - you have some good options for treatment and have age on your side. Wish you the best x

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