Progynova for FET - help needed!!

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Fingersforevercrossed Tue 13-Aug-19 19:50:14

I've started taking progynova 2mg today in preparation for my FET. The dose says 3 2mg tablets a day for a week then 4 2mg tablets for a further week.

My question is... Do you take all 3 tablets at once, do you seperate them throughout the day or doesn't it matter??

I will call the clinic tomorrow to see what they recommend but I can never normally get through to a nurse until well into the afternoon, by which time I'd need to have taken 1 if I'm taking them at even I tervals throughout the day.

Have anyone had this dose before and can help??

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PrayingandHoping Tue 13-Aug-19 20:02:03

I was on 3 a day before transfer until 12 weeks pregnant!

They have to be spaced out evenly throughout the day

Fingersforevercrossed Tue 13-Aug-19 20:09:29

Ah. Crap. Took 3 at once today before thinking it through.

Onwards and upwards tomorrow - I'll space them out!! It can't be that much of a disaster for 1 day surely?

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AliceAbsolum Tue 13-Aug-19 20:11:40

Spaced out but you'll be fine just for one day.

PrayingandHoping Tue 13-Aug-19 20:13:09

Don't worry.

Not well worded by your clinic! It should say 1 tablet 3 times a day!! I would speak to them anyway and point it out....

Fingersforevercrossed Tue 13-Aug-19 20:13:33

Thank you both! Didn't start this round well did I 🙄

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LeanneMFord Tue 13-Aug-19 20:43:11

I was on the same and took all 3 at once the whole time. Never thought about spacing them out.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Wed 14-Aug-19 09:16:38

I’m on 3 a day and I space them out. One in morning one mid day and one at night

Fingersforevercrossed Wed 14-Aug-19 10:32:59

Managed to get through to my clinic and they said it's up to me as it won't make a difference.

I think I'll try 3 at once and see how I feel. I'm quite forgetful but if I end up feeling rough I'll try the other way!

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Fingersforevercrossed Wed 14-Aug-19 10:39:34

Did anyone get side effects I should be preparing myself (or my husband!) for? The cyclogest on my last round gave me terrible mood swings - I hadn't been prepared for that at all!

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PrayingandHoping Wed 14-Aug-19 11:10:58

Shows each clinic is different as mine said they must be spread out! I had alarms on my phone!!

Yes progynova made me feel awful for the first 10 days! Like I had a mild flu....

Whatelsecouldibecalled Wed 14-Aug-19 11:17:39

@Fingersforevercrossed I set Alarms on my phone. Only way I can remember! 🤦‍♀️ No side effects for me. Hope you are the same!

Ginandtonic31 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:11:18

I don't think it matters you know. I was taking 4 a day and I took them at bedtime all in one go (literally all 4 in to my mouth in one go). I specifically checked this was okay. I start weaning off them on Friday down to 3!

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