Clomid - upping the dose

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msleahy Sun 11-Aug-19 14:19:06

Hi guys

I ovulate by myself but as a last resort before IVF I've been put on clomid 50mg a day. I've taken it for one cycle and so far nothing has happened.
I've read about people taking 100mg and wondered if anyone has advice or any success stories and whether I should just up the dose myself?

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Anaesthetist83 Sun 11-Aug-19 16:10:16

If you are ovulating, sadly clomid is unlikely to help. I wouldnt suggest increasing your dose.

physicskate Sun 11-Aug-19 17:46:36

All clomid does is make you ovulate if you don't already. The best dose is the lowest effective dose to make you ovulate...

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