Stimulation protocol - Pergoveris 250 iu

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physicskate Mon 12-Aug-19 20:48:27

I've never taken that specific drug. The pharmacy will decide what sizes to give you. If you are using the vials, you just mix the whole vial but then draw into the needle what you need. You can draw in from more than one vial. It's an easy fix to get the dose you need.

I'm sure you can adjust how much you need similarly if it's the pen.

Please please please liaise with your clinic to ensure you know how to take your meds. Is there a more local clinic that could teach you??

Alon789 Mon 12-Aug-19 11:10:48

Just to add to that.

We were prescribed with Pergoveris 250 iu per day. However, we can only find 150iu / 300iu / 400iu / 900iu - does anyone know how to address that? which one should we get?

Will be great to have some feedback as we would like to order the stimulation medications ASAP.

Many thanks and have a great week!

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Alon789 Sat 10-Aug-19 14:56:46

Hi guys,

We have received today the stimulation protocol from the guys over at the Reprofit clinic - Pergoveris 250 iu per day x 6 days.

We were not prescribed any other stimulation medications (no Gonal F or anything else) and I was wondering whether someone have any experience with this type of stimulation protocol? is it too lean, or is it just me? my wife have a pretty Low AMH (6 pmol/L) and she is 37 years old, just in case its relevant smile

And one last thing, where would you recommend to buy the medications? Ive read in the forum that a lot are recommending on, so I was wondering.


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