PGD testing with normal karyotype

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Viletta Sat 10-Aug-19 12:17:38

Hi all,

I am wondering if it makes sense to do a PGD testing if both myself and DH have normal karyotype? We had 2 fresh and 1 frozen cycles so far, all bfn.

Thank you for the advice.

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Sat 10-Aug-19 12:57:59

I wasn't sure what to do about PGS and karyotyping either but my understanding is that they are two different things - normal karotyping doesn't mean PGS normal embryos - we have chose to do PGS and not bother with karyotyping

LillyLeaf Sat 10-Aug-19 14:37:22

I think if you have had a normal karyotyping result you would do PGS as they are not looking for a particular issue that PGD looks for. Personally in your position I would do PGS testing.

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