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What’s the process?

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Maybe2020 Fri 09-Aug-19 21:18:13

So we’ve been referred for ivf/icsi about a month ago, I got told I’d get a letter confirming funding or not.
What does the letter normally say ? And what will I need to do regarding the hospital?
I’m based in Birmingham women’s if that helps
Thankyou x

justkeeprunning5 Fri 09-Aug-19 21:26:33

We are in London and our timeline from referral to the hospital is;

Early May - referral sent
Early June - hospital requested that we fill in various forms online / provide ID etc
Early July - they reviewed our case and out of forward to local trust for funding
Early August - found out we have been accepted for funding and have an appointment later this month with a consultant to look at next steps

The funding letter states conditions for funding and how many / what will be funded. Ours says we must start treatment within 3 months of the funding letter. So hopefully treatment will start soon.

This is a year after initial investigations began and maybe different process in your area. All the best.

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