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Agnus Castus - what are people’s views?

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Bridget1983 Thu 08-Aug-19 18:15:48

Interested to hear peoples experiences of agnus Castus - side effects, success etc 😊

Bridget1983 Thu 08-Aug-19 19:43:48


Soul31 Thu 08-Aug-19 21:09:32

I found it made my periods heavier and longer so I only took it for a couple of months. I fell pregnant a few months after stopping taking it.

Laur2017 Mon 12-Aug-19 13:38:25

@Bridget1983 I was going to take it, then started taking myo inositol for my pcos and got pregnant within 3 months of taking it! smile

Bridget1983 Mon 12-Aug-19 14:40:04

Thanks guys! I shall check out the Inositol too 😊

Bridget1983 Mon 12-Aug-19 14:40:52

Soul31 I have very short light periods so this is what I’m hoping for!

FlapJackered Wed 14-Aug-19 12:44:22

I was taking Agnus Castus and when I went to a recommended fertility consultant they told me to stop taking as long term it can make you infertile! His words not mine and not entirely sure why or how, but I am not going to risk it. Also I had a giant cyst on my ovary and he said it could well be because of the AC.
Inositol on the other hand brought my cycles down from 50+ and irregular to 30 days.

Laur2017 Wed 14-Aug-19 13:30:04

@FlapJackered I'm glad you've had success with inositol too! I'm starting to take it again now with the hope of conceiving dc2! smile

ckc45d10 Thu 15-Aug-19 18:36:10

If you have PCOS, you might also ask your doctor about CoQ10.

Laur2017 Thu 15-Aug-19 19:34:07

@ckc45d10 what's that?

Sylva123 Mon 26-Aug-19 09:01:40

I have been taking Agnus castus for my short luteal phase and I'm sure it's the reason my cycles have gone from 22-25 days up to 25--28 days. My luteal phases tend to be around 12 days now, which is normal. They used to be 9 days.

Saying all of that... I'm still not pregnant. I keep wondering if I should stop taking it to see if my cycles are ok naturally

Mrsboombastic99 Wed 28-Aug-19 09:17:11

I took it after we had been ttc for over a year and my cycles were all over the show. I started having more "normal" periods on it but my cycles became really long around 47 days. I stopped taking it for a while and my periods settled down a bit in the mean time. Is starting taking it again a few months ago but didn't notice any difference to be honest, been ttc 3 years now.

Laur2017 Wed 28-Aug-19 10:10:26

@Mrsboombastic99 have you looked at taking myo inositol and folic acid?

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