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lmccu81 Wed 07-Aug-19 19:45:24

Hi. Sorry to hear that you are in this position. By the sounds of it you will most likely have ivf with icsi (Google it) which clinic are you under. I was at Liverpool Hewitt Centre and would highly recommend them. They have very good success rates. Our 1st appointment was a meeting with lots of other couples to explain the process. Be prepared, it's an emotional rollercoster, but, if successful, you will appreciate your baby so so so much. I bought a book on ivf which helped explain the details of what to expect. Good luck. (it's worked 3 times for me) x

Hopefullmumtobe Wed 07-Aug-19 18:06:16

Hi Everyone.
Myself and my partner have recently been referred by our GP's for IVF due to him having cancer treatment in the past and sperm count being very low because of this.
Has anyone else gone through this before?
He has already been for a semen analysis and have been told we qualify as we dont have children together.
We are waiting on an appointment at the moment but dont really know what happens from now? I am unsure what the appointment is for and what is the process when it comes to IVF? This is all so new and am abit inpatient to find out.
We just want to get the ball rolling but have no idea on the process or the waiting time.

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