IUI after failed IVF

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ChatWithMe Wed 07-Aug-19 13:06:32

Hi there.

Anyone tried IUIs after IVF failed? We have a baby from an IVF that worked when I was 35. Now I'm 38 maybe my egg quality is going down. My AMH is down from 16 to 6 since last time. Hubby has mixed sperm analysis results. Even with a good sperm result, our recent IVF cycle failed so problem could be with me. One fallopian tube didn't flush on a HyCoSy a few years ago so only sure about one being open. I just want to do more IVF but hubby convinced we should try 3 rounds of IUIs first. Sounds like several months of wasted time but I can understand he wants to try something different.

Would be great to hear from others with similar experiences or plans :-)

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 07-Aug-19 13:14:27

Personally with your history I wouldn't bother with IUI - I read somewhere that you need to factor in at least 10 rounds of IUI to have the same success as 1 round of ivf

Also having had an ectopic IUI definitely wouldn't be recommended as your odds of another one are much higher - I had two HSG tests done on both tubes - both came back clear but still had 2 ruptured ectopics in 18 months and lost both of them

IUI is fine for those that have great AMH and egg quality - when you have neither of those it's just money down the drain (sorry!) as that's what Ivf can give you - screening out of bad eggs and bad sperm etc

Scarlett555 Wed 07-Aug-19 16:10:55

Agree with the poster above. It would be a shame to waste time and money on IUI which only has about a 7-10% success rate even with peak fertility. You still have a chance with IVF if you do it now but your fertility may decline if you wait for several months.

AliceAbsolum Wed 07-Aug-19 16:20:11

3rd the above. Get on with IVF.

Jojo19834 Wed 07-Aug-19 17:21:05

4th that, with IUI the success rate is about 7%, yes it’s cheaper and yes you may be the lucky one, but (and I’m 36) age isn’t necessarily on your side so I’d do another IVF. Did you have any frosties from your IVF or just have a fresh go?

ChatWithMe Wed 07-Aug-19 17:23:15

Thanks for your comments. I definitely agree. I hadn't thought about the increased chance of ectopic pregnancies with IUI. I'll read up on that. I worry about wasting time too. Will air these concerns at our follow-up appointment with the consultant. Thanks for your input, ladies! :-)

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