IVF stimming experiences please

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Lavienestjamaisjuste Wed 07-Aug-19 12:38:35

Hi ladies,

I'm just on my first cycle of IVF and started menopur 6 days ago. Brief history is severe endo but have pretty good AMH (23). So they started me on really low dose (150, which then upped to 187 last couple of day) but my follicles aren't really responding - only a couple of measurable ones despite decent antral follicle count. I'm just feeling a bit disappointed as I feel like the clinic thought I would respond better than this given my numbers - and have worried myself about a cancelled cycle. I know the first cycle is very much trial and error.. I suppose I was hoping you might be able to share your experiences of the stimulation stage, especially if you were in a similar situation? Dr Google not been very helpful! Thank you so much in advance for any replies x

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Viletta Wed 07-Aug-19 17:46:34

My AMH is 28.5, we have MFI and my doze was always very high for no apparent reason, between 250-350. But everyone responds very differently. Also the follicles tend to grow mostly in the second half of the injection cycle even after hcg trigger. Good luck!

Munchies30 Wed 07-Aug-19 19:53:31

I could have wrote the same message.
I started menopur (150) for the first time 10 days ago and had a scan on Monday (day 8) and again today (day 10).
They saw 20 follicles on monday, around 3 that looked better than the rest and would be suitable for collection. Same again today. I'm feeling so disappointed. Another scan on friday and then egg collection on monday. I'm gutted as was expecting closer to 10. My clinic didnt seem concerned though.
When is your next scan?
Have you had many side effects?x

TheArtfulScreamer1 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:16:55

I didn't respond very well to stims and had to stim for a few extra days than anticipated when I did trigger 6 eggs were collected of which 4 fertilised and 2 developed to 5 day blasts, 1 was transferred and 1 was frozen. I was disappointed with my numbers at the time however this was our first round and my 5 month old DD is currently asleep in my arms. It is a cliche to say it's quality not quantity and it only takes one but cliches evolve due to the truth in them. Good luck x

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