OHSS - anyone else have it / had it?

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Scarlett555 Wed 07-Aug-19 11:16:57

Doing IVF. Felt v uncomfortable and bloated ever since egg collection last Wed and a scan showed my ovaries were 9mm and fluid in my abdomen.

Embryo transfer was booked for Monday. Got to the clinic, hospital gown on, on the bed, legs in the stirrups and the doctor did one last scan of my abdomen and told me and partner he strongly recommended we freeze the embryo rather than do the transfer as if I got pregnant the pregnancy hormone could make the OHSS a lot worse and I could get quite ill.

Well psychologically it was hard to come back from that point so we talked him into doing it anyway. Had to sign a form acknowledging the risks.

Anyone else got OHSS and gone ahead with a transfer? Have I been really reckless?

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Pigeon84 Wed 07-Aug-19 13:27:10

I got 38 eggs....
I was showing signs of OHSS and bloods were borderline but the clinic went ahead anyway.

I knew i was pregnant 5dp5dt purely because i was getting so bloated.

I got moderate OHSS and ended up in hospital. My ovaries were 12mm and i pit on 12lbs in 4 days.

Sorry to say but it was horrendous. I was so swollen i looked full term. I couldnt breathe which was worse when i laid down so had to sleep on my side, half sitting up for 3 weeks. I couldnt eat much as there just wasnt any room. The constant blood tests really got me down too.
So no, it wasnt nice..

However, would i do it all again...

Yes in a heartbeat if i was trying for my first again.

Good luck x

Scarlett555 Wed 07-Aug-19 13:42:58

Thanks for the reply Pigeon. 38 eggs??! Wow I am surprised the clinic went ahead with that number and you had the signs of oohs. Sorry to hear you were so poorly but good you got the BFP.

The bloating has got a lot better since Monday so I guess if it comes back I will take it as a positive sign...

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