Blood test results help please

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Shak19 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:30:47

Hi does anyone here know much about blood results for fertility?
I got these done at day 4 of my cycle. But cant see the doctor for a few weeks to discuss it so I'm trying to do my own research in the mean time
My results where
LH: 3.1 u/l
FSH 7.5 u/l
Estrodiol 198 pmol/l
Progesterone less than 1.

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Eggcellent29 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:06:43


To be able to say if these results are normal or not depend completely on your age.

AMH tests will be able to tell you your ovarian reserve which is ultimately what determines your fertility smile

Shak19 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:23:18

I'm 27. AMH is not available for me to get on NHS.

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Eggcellent29 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:47:34

Just noticed you said you had these taken on day 4 - when I was having these type of tests it was always day 3. Not sure if that makes a difference?

I think a private test is around £50-100 and I can’t recommend it enough. The levels only go down with time, so there is no confusion.

For example my FSH declined 20 points in a matter of weeks - changing my diagnosis!

But speaking from my experience these numbers don’t look massively out of whack smile

Shak19 Wed 07-Aug-19 13:53:36

Just found out my TSH is at 23 I dont know if that affects fertility

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bicyclesandbeyond Wed 07-Aug-19 17:39:33

Hi Shak19. Your Day 4 bloods look normal to me, you can have them done any time on day 2-4.
A TSH of 23 suggests that you have an underactive thyroid and this definitely has an impact on fertility. I would make an appointment to see your GP ASAP.

Shak19 Wed 07-Aug-19 18:05:22

I spoke to the gp regarding the tsh and it's gone from 3.4 in April to 24.6 this Monday. They're not sure why theres been such a drastic increase but asked me to get some more bloods. Trying not to worry but doesn't work.
He said hormone bloods are fine tho progesterone was taken at the wrong day that all

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bicyclesandbeyond Wed 07-Aug-19 18:42:08

Sorry to hear about the worry (as if there isn't enough of that when TTC already!). Hypothyroidism is easily treated with replacement thyroid hormone (thyroxine), glad your GP is on it already!
Progesterone is most useful when done on day 21 (of a 28 day cycle), or 7 DPO. This is when the peak occurs and will confirm ovulation if raised. Bets of luck with the rest of your tests.

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