Thyroid 3.5?

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Zest11 Tue 06-Aug-19 18:11:36


I have recently had a failed IVF and have been doing some of my own research to find out why I may not be conceiving (2/3 years of "unexplained" least 1 cp, maybe more). I have found some information about thyroid TSH level and that it should be 1-2 for fertility. Now, I dug out some (2 year old!!) blood tests and found that my tsh was 3.5 mu/L. The range says normal is 0.3-5.5 but apparently it's not optimal. Could this be the reason I am not conceiving or am I desperately clutching at straws? Is there anything I can do to lower it?

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physicskate Tue 06-Aug-19 21:04:46

It tends to be more of a cause of miscarriage. It's not well enough understood, even by many fertility consultants. Have your tsh and ft4 tested again. Thyroid UK has some good info on their website you can show to the doc if tsh comes back high again.

applecrumbl3 Tue 06-Aug-19 21:39:35

Hi @Zest11

I recently had a blood test and it came back the same as yours at 3.5. My doctor has put me on a low dose of thyroxine, 25mg per day. She said it was just a tweak as whilst 3.5 is in the normal range it wasn't optimal for pregnancy/conception, I didn't get more info than that from her but looked it up and found similar studies. I have had it retested since taking the pills but they haven't sent me the results yet.

I also went to a nutritionist who specialises in endo and fertility who told me that there is some linkage being established between endo and thyroid function, so they think this interplays for fertility.

Not sure if its the other supplements I'm on, or the improved diet (and less wine!) but I feel great at the moment, could be the thyroxine as they say that hypothyroidism makes you sluggish...

May be worth you asking your doctor about. I think thyroxine is prescription only.

Waterdropsdown Tue 06-Aug-19 22:15:17

As far as I know thyroxine can’t harm you ask for a low dose.
I had a 4. Something (can’t remember) TSH and after Ivf #2 a miscarriage then the doctor put me on low dose thyroxine and I had FET which resulted in my twins. Was the only change from the egg collection cycle. Who knows was it that? I stopped taking it soon after the birth and have had no side effects or even noticed anything.

Zest11 Tue 06-Aug-19 22:32:54

Thank you so much for your replies it does provide some help and I have lookes on that site @physicskate

@applecrumbl3 thank you for your explanation, I am glad you are feeling so good. I looked up hypothyroidism too and I have some of the constantly feeling knackered and like I cba to do anyrhing. I would love that to change! What other supplements are you taking (do you mind me asking?)

@Watersdropdown eeek that's brilliant for you! How are you managing with twins? grin Did you have a double transfer? Yes it looks like it can't do any harm and I will ask my consultant about it when I see her next week.

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applecrumbl3 Thu 08-Aug-19 11:58:58

@zest11 - yes same for me. Tired in the morning and no real get up and go. I'm not taking anything particularly unusual on the supplement side - Pregnacare plus CoQ10 and Omega 3. There is so much you can take but this was what the doctor recommended so I went with it! I didn't start early enough really though. CoQ10 may also be contributing to better energy levels I guess.

TinyPaws Thu 08-Aug-19 12:39:15

I'd suggest getting your thyroid antibodies tested, too.


Zest11 Thu 08-Aug-19 15:06:40

@applecrumbl3 I have heard a lot of people on here talk about the coQ10 so I guess I should look into that. Yes there are so many things and it is overwhelming. Why do you say you were too late taking these things?

@TinyPaws thank you. Yes I have asked my GP to do the level 1 tests so I will be in next week for them. Hopefully the antibodies one will be done.

Is it bad that I'm hoping there's something a bit wrong but easily treatable so I can get preg?! hmm

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applecrumbl3 Thu 08-Aug-19 16:02:41

Just that they saw the time frame to improve egg quality is 3 months... I started taking CoQ10 about a month prior to egg collection :-/ Annoying as I knew about it but kept thinking I was absolutely definitely getting pregnant naturally... next month, so didn't start :-S I still think it is good to start though just in case it can make a difference. I had egg collection yesterday and all were mature - maybe the extra protein and CoQ10 made a bit of difference.

Doris19 Fri 09-Aug-19 13:01:15

I was referred in April for unexplained infertility and tests came back with a TSH of 4.4 I was told by my fertility clinic it needed to be below 2/2.5 for optimal fertility.

Put on a low dose of levothyroxine and it came down to decent levels within weeks.

Conceived the month after but it was a CP (and now found we also have male factor issues too).

TSH levels are very important for first trimester so once you get a bfp, get back for a retest as standard to increase dose immediately by 25-50% to minimise miscarriage risk!


Zest11 Fri 09-Aug-19 15:48:45

@applecrumbl3 eeek, congratulations on EC day. I hope they are developing well for a nice transfer soon. I had loads of protein whilst down regging and stimming and I had a good proportion make it to blast so you have been doing the right thing.

@Doris19 Arghh that is soooo frustrating about the's so cruel after waiting all that time too. Thank you for your advice, it really does sound like it needs to be brought down. I hope you both have a plan to move forwards now xx

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