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Malyshek Wed 07-Aug-19 18:45:01


I don't really have much wisdom for you.

The pink discharge could be implantation bleeding, or it could be a chemical pregnancy. It's really impossible to know until the blood test (and even then, no guaranty !)

Personally I never "felt" pregnant even when I was, so I wouldn't really trust any feelings. In fact I was sure I wasn't and only tested so I could put it out of my mind.

Sorry, I know how frustrating the wait can be ! At this point I would consider it a good sign that you got positive tests, but remain very cautious about celebrating for another few weeks.

Macarena1980 Tue 06-Aug-19 16:22:16


I don’t usually post much on here but reading other people’s comments always helps.

I’ve just finished a cycle of ivf/ICSI with em transfer last Tuesday so a week in, my pregnancy blood test is on Friday. This is our 2nd cycle after our 1st cycle 2 years ago resulted in our wonderful daughter.

I know we’re not supposed to but I took a test yesterday evening and got a very faint line after the 3 mins were up on a first response. I did one again this morning and got a faint line again almost invisible but definitely there. I also tested early the last time and got a positive result, so I was sure if I was pregnant I would show early again.

However today I feel crampy and had a very small amount of pink discharge today when I went to the loo so wondering if OF is coming. I don’t feel pregnant this time and remember just knowing I was pregnant the last time.

I’m wondering if maybe something has happened but then it’s not worked out which would explain why my test didn’t get darker this morning. We haven't told anyone this time round and suddenly feeling the need to share. Any thoughts or advice welcome.

Thanks for reading xx

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