Fertility clinic appointment September

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Scotgirl1 Mon 05-Aug-19 20:22:21

Hi everyone

After TTC for a year I went to my GP and asked for a referral. Appointment has came through for September. Found out recently that Husband has low sperm count and motility issues. Suspect this is due to a varicocele. We haven’t told anyone and it’s so lonely sad most of my friends are mums or mums to be and busy with their own lives. Would love to chat to others in the same boat! Xx

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Maybe2020 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:06:05

Hi scotgirl you’ve come to the right place, and I too am in the same boat as you. My oh has low everything and we were told we wouldn’t ever naturally conceive. We are now waiting for an ivf/icsi cycle later this year.
Have you had any investigations yet? Or just your oh, please take solace that you are getting the ball rolling now and things will seem better when you are told what can be done to help you achieve a pregnancy. X

Scotgirl1 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:45:36

Thanks for the reply smile so good to hear from people going through the same. I had my day 21 blood tests and a pelvic scan which all came back as normal. My GP organised these. Wondering if I will get these tests repeated again at the clinic? Just wanting to get started now but realise we still have a long wait ahead. How long have you been waiting?

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Maybe2020 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:51:06

We were referred last October and we should be starting ivf about October/November time but we had a few delays as the fertility clinic at the hospital rejected our referal as my gp hadn’t done the right tests. It is different for different areas though so don’t worry.
They probably won’t repeat but you’ll probably have Day 2-4 blood tests and a hsg to check your tubes. Your oh will probably have another sa done too. X

nextweek Tue 06-Aug-19 09:47:49

Hi @Scotgirl1 and Maybe2020
I'm in a similar position to both of you. Been trying to conceive our first baby for just over a year. My husband's results came back low/outside of the normal range for count and morphology. Our GP has referred us to the fertility clinic, but we haven't received our appointment yet.
I've had the 21 day blood tests but that's all, no scan, day 2-4 bloods or hsg check...I'm assuming they'll do that at the clinic?
Can I ask how long from your gp referral it took to get notified of your appointment and then from that point how long you had to wait for the appointment? I find the waiting is the worst bit, think I'll feel better once I know when our appointment is. xx

Raven83 Tue 06-Aug-19 10:09:07

Can I join you?

We're also at the waiting stage for first appointment letter like you @nextweek. Calling to chase the UCLH on Thursday as that'll be 8 weeks since GP referred us. TTC #1, trying for less than 1 year (managed to get tested early on due to other factors) and generally feeling really lonely and shit about all of it - so you're not alone @Scotgirl1. Haven't told anyone other than my therapist. Have also randomly had one blood test (day 3) but not other (no day 21 test). DH has 0% morphology so he's stopped cycling and is taking a cocktail of vitamins. Just waiting now.

nextweek Tue 06-Aug-19 10:34:28

Hi Raven83 I was feeling really lonely in the whole experience to, but have told a few of my best friends and they've been massively supportive. Our GP didn't go into details about my husbands results, but said they don't indicate that we can't get pregnant naturally so we're going to keep trying while we wait for our appointment. We're both taking vitamin D, my husband's taking zinc and I'm taking folic acid and iron tablets.


Scotgirl1 Tue 06-Aug-19 14:42:57

So nice to hear from you all smile

@nextweek I only got a scan because I was concerned I might have a cyst. I think they do an internal at the clinic. I was referred at the end of June and my appointment came through about 2 weeks a go and it’s the first week in September.

@Raven83 you are the same as me and it’s so hard. It feels mega lonely. I got my hubby on wellman vitamins and we actually got a slightly better second semen sample so hopefully they are doing something.

I just want the appointment to happen now so I know our options.

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nextweek Tue 06-Aug-19 14:59:25

Thanks @Scotgirl1 that's really helpful, I know some health board areas might be different but if mine is anything like yours I should get my appointment through in the next week or so, fingers crossed!
I'm hopeful that we don't have any other issues other than my husbands results. My cycle is very regular and consistent and I seem to be ovulating so that's a positive.

Raven83 Tue 06-Aug-19 15:26:53

@scotgirl1 That's really encouraging that your dh sperm sample was improved! I'm hoping for the same, waiting a good 90 days for sperm to regenerate (literally marked it on the calendar like a crazy person, I just need to have targets and dates to work towards!!)
My friends are also all mums, best friend is TTC at moment as well I think, so not sure whether to share with her or not yet, could just make things weird/awkward if she gets pregnant in the coming months...I just want an appointment too! Hope you all get yours soon as well!

babydust235 Tue 06-Aug-19 16:20:38

hey girls do you mind if I join?
DH and I were TTC for 1 year before going to gp
I had day 2 and day 21 bloods, they were fine.
DH has had 3 SAs which all showed ZERO sperm. Consultant investigated but doesn’t know why, considering he has a DD from previous relationship. GP also did bmi and chlamydia swaps before referring us to fertility clinic. Got a letter for first appointment which was three months away!

duckling3 Tue 06-Aug-19 19:06:39


It sounds like I am in a similar boat to you all. Had initial day 2 and 21 bloods and partner had S.A. Had the appointment with our gp to discuss results and we have now been referred to the fertility clinic. Now the waiting game begins. I kind of thought / hoped the letter with our appointment would come through in the next week or so but sounds like it may take longer.

Has anyone here had their first appointment yet ? What was it like ?

Scotgirl1 Tue 06-Aug-19 20:19:38

@babydust235 @nextweek @Raven83 I was attending an acupuncturist whilst TTC and she was amazing. Really knew her stuff and was so supportive. She told me to make sure DH avoided hot tubs - they literally cook them! If I end up having treatment I will definitely go back to her. The process is so relaxing and it’s meant to improve success rates.

I don’t want to make my friends feel awkward so that’s another reason I haven’t told anyone. I feel like all I see is babies and bumps just now. I just want to sit and chat with other girls who are going through the same thing and understand how hard it is sad

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babydust235 Wed 07-Aug-19 08:26:58

@Scotgirl1 I was thinking about acupuncture but not sure how much it would cost on top of paying for the ivf, is it expensive? I know what you mean, everyone's pregnant and having babies! I do have my down days where I get really depressed about it but I'm doing alright at the moment. We will get our babies one way or any other X

babydust235 Wed 07-Aug-19 08:34:15

@duckling3 my letter came through 2 weeks after he did the referral but my appointment was 3 months away X

nextweek Wed 07-Aug-19 08:37:32

Hi @babydust235 and @duckling3
That's interesting about the acupuncture @scotgirl1 I had looked into it but haven't tried it yet. It seems to be about £40-£50 per session where I am. I'm hopeful that my husband and I will qualify for NHS funding if we need IVF or similar but I'm not 100% sure of the criteria.
I know what you guys mean about seeing babies and bumps everywhere, so many of my friends and family have had babies or got pregnant recently, it's hard to stay positive sometimes.

babydust235 Wed 07-Aug-19 08:44:48

@Raven83 I know what you mean, I told my SIL when we started trying and she said she wants to start trying too. I cried to her about DHs results and IVF, it was kind of nice to have someone to talk to, even if she didn't fully understand. Then she got pregnant 2nd month of trying and things got very awkward, she didn't want to tell me she was pregnant but I found out. I did congratulate her and tell her it was ok but she has distanced herself a bit which makes me sad because we were very close. I am struggling a bit but trying my best to support her at the same time. I kind of wish I never told her tbh. Also, she told my other SIL who was then upset with me because I never told her about it. I haven't told anybody else, I feel like "normal" couples don't exactly announce when they're dtd ttc and we want it to be a nice surprise too. Plus, I don't want to hear any negative comments or feel under more pressure. We're just going to tell everybody after if it hopefully works out X

babydust235 Wed 07-Aug-19 08:46:48

@nextweek I've got my fingers crossed for you X

Raven83 Wed 07-Aug-19 09:23:15

@babydust235 oh no that's so difficult!! And for your SIL to then distance herself from you, that must've been hurtful. As for your other SIL getting upset, don't give it a second thought, you are not responsible for her reaction or protecting her feelings while you're going through this!
I have one little sister and 2 SILS who all got pregnant by accident/first try. And another SIL who has 3 children and is younger than me sad DH and I are both 1 out of 3 siblings and the last ones to have a baby. I'm inclined to tell them all as I can TOTALLY TELL they're all wondering why we're not hurrying up in our mid-thirties. And then hopefully BIL will stop his "when are you going to catch up with us" comments. Ugh.

Broodyaf Wed 07-Aug-19 09:44:38

Hey all - can I join please?

I'm 37
Went to GP after 16momths of TTC back in March.
21 day bloods - low progesterone (being repeated today)
Transvaginal exam - possible thin lining
DF SA - normal

Waiting list for fertility clinic 6-7months so I should be called October/November

But I have appt with a different GP in the same practice on 20th Aug, to
A. Request day 2-5bloods (which aren't routine bloods over here but my friend is a GP & says it would be a problem) I want them done so I have as much done as possible for when I am called to fertility clinic, to try and speed things along as I am a ticking time bomb and feel so incredibly old!!
B. Get her to send another referral in - when I rang fertility clinic they told me the GP has marked the referral as urgent, but the clinic downgraded it to routine due to info (or lack of) that GP had our in form
Going to ask new GP to explain the urgency

Anyone else in late 30s and panicking?

If I had have known the waiting list would have been this long for NHS (in Northern Ireland) I would have went private but don't feel like it would be beneficial to change to private now as I'm well up the list at this stage & I would qualify for NHS IVF if needed

Someone was asking what criteria was
Most UK NHS clinics are the same:
Under 40
BMI under 30
No previous children (both partners)
TTC 2 years (18months over 35)
Don't smoke
☝️ Some of these vary slightly ☝️

Scotgirl1 Wed 07-Aug-19 12:47:27

It’s horrible thinking that people are wondering why you haven’t had kids yet. In some ways I want to let them know so they are nicer about it but it’s such a private thing. I’ve actually been called selfish before - if only they knew!

@Broodyaf I would definitely keep going with the NHS. It’s so tempting to go private but I’m sure you loose your NHS goes if you do. It’s worth doing them and private is then an option if you need it

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Broodyaf Wed 07-Aug-19 12:54:04

Thanks @Scotgirl1
Yeah that's what I will do - I'm just so afraid of bein too old! But I'm going to get the 2-5day bloods done too so I'm armed with loads of stats for fertility clinic so HOPEFULLY my case can be streamlined &sped up🙏

nextweek Wed 07-Aug-19 14:21:04

Hi @Broodyaf I'm mid 30s so age is definitely playing on my mind. Those seem to be the general criteria from what I can see, although I think in the NHS area I'm in if you have a diagnosed fertility issue you can be referred at any point and you're eligible for funding if only one of you has a child.
We were told that if the clinic wanted any other tests done prior to our appointment they would tell us in our appointment letter so that we could have that done at the GP beforehand.

duckling3 Wed 07-Aug-19 22:53:56

Thanks @babydust235 ugh this process feels very slow.

Pumpkin19 Wed 07-Aug-19 23:20:26

We unfortunately cant have treatment on nhs as im over 35 so have had 2 cycles of ivf abroad (its massively cheaper) - not worked unfortunately and feel another cycle won't work and is a waste of time and money so think it's on to donor embryo for us

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