IVF with no tubes ? Has anyone had success?

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Kayjayleo Tue 30-Jul-19 22:10:50

I’ve recently suffered my second ectopic pregnancy sad x I now have no working tubes and ivf is the only way me and my partner can have a baby. This has been really tough for us and I guess I’m looking for success stories where IVF has worked to give us hope so anyone in a similar boat?

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jemimafuddleduck Tue 30-Jul-19 22:20:24

Not me personally but have a listen to the podcast called BFN. I'm pretty sure Emma the presenter has no tubes and she's about to pop!!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 31-Jul-19 07:43:32

I just posted the same thing a few days ago!!!- I had a second ectopic two weeks ago and have no tubes now - was a complete surprise as was an ivf transfer and hcg was doubling really fast.

(Have both your tubes been removed?)

Lots of people on the ectopic groups have gotten pregnant with ivf with no tubes so we ll be doing ivf again in September hopefully and chances of it being successful are no lower than they were before (probably higher as should be zero chance of another ectopic now)

I requested during surgery that they remove both "stumps" as well though as I've heard of still having an ectopic via ivf If they leave something behind x

physicskate Wed 31-Jul-19 09:12:18

Just to add that this was the reason ivf was invented... there is hope.

Kayjayleo Wed 31-Jul-19 09:26:33

Thank you for your replies, I’ve had my right tube removed and then two weeks ago I had the baby removed but not my tube , this was my request. I haven’t even seen the surgeon who did it I was just discharged with no pain relief either. I was told if I do get pregnant again I will most likely have another ectopic and I should have ivf instead ! But I’m kinda angry they left the tube if it’s not even working. I’m angry and upset and all
Those feelings, my partner has been really good it’s just so hard sad

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 31-Jul-19 10:37:18

@Kayjayleo I'm sorry it's shit isn't it!

They offered to keep my tube but I said no - I'm so over feeling scared every time I get pregnant that it's going to be ectopic that I can't do it anymore especially as we went down the ivf route to reduce the chance of ectopic and it happened anyway!

Kayjayleo Wed 31-Jul-19 11:59:10

That’s so horrible ! So what’s your next step ? Are you going to try ivf again?

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 31-Jul-19 12:20:58


Yes we're going to do another full ivf cycle hopefully in September (I've got a follow up with my clinic tomorrow to go through next steps) - i do short protocol ivf so the whole process is over in less than 14 days so really it just a case of waiting for the ectopic wounds to heal.

At least one less thing to worry about now having no tubes - although the hardest thing to come to terms with is that sex will never be about ttc again (we ve been trying years!) and I can't remember the last time we dtd just for fun!

Kayjayleo Wed 31-Jul-19 12:56:56

I’m only two weeks post op so I can’t do anything for 3 months they told me ! I have two kids but are older from a previous marriage and been with my current partner for 7yrs but two ectopics I just don’t get it x my partner has no kids so I also feel under pressure like he can just go get someone else pregnant which I know is stupid and I’m blaming hormones x Ivf scares the crap out of me 😥 but also want to do it ASAP (again prob hormones ) 😔 your so brave x

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Littletabbyocelot Wed 31-Jul-19 13:08:00

I didn't have ectopics but had both tubes removed for endometriosis. 6 years and 2 full ivf attempts (lots of stop / start due to the endo) and I had twins. The first attempt we were sort of on autopilot, still coming to terms with not being able to conceive naturally and just did what the doctors told us. The 2nd time we asked questions, made lifestyle changes and were just more engaged. It was much healthier. I would recommend waiting, coming to terms with what happened and then going into ivf.

Kayjayleo Wed 31-Jul-19 17:10:33

Which company did you use? Yeah we can’t do anything for a few months so will give us breathing space and time to research clinics and options x congratulations on your twins, did you find it a strain on your relationship ? I’m hoping it will bring us closer together x I’m 35 and my partner is 27 so I feel like age is against me here

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Teddybear45 Wed 31-Jul-19 17:17:14

If you’ve had the tubes removed (so no chance of infection) then provided there are no other factors identified then you stand a good chance of a pregnancy within the first three cycles. In reality every woman I know who just had tube problem got their bfp in the first cycle.

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Wed 31-Jul-19 17:21:36

I'm with Create and I'm 36 - ivf was easy for me and partner probably because we did mild short protocol so you don't get the really bad side effects everyone talks about - maybe this next time we ll feel the pressure more because we know we ll never have a DC naturally again

Go to a few open evenings at clinics - it's a very personal choice who to go with - I also went to Care and Priory but just felt most comfortable with Create

Kayjayleo Wed 31-Jul-19 18:03:36

Thank you all so much for replying you don’t know how much it’s helped talking to you all. I was looking at Bourn clinic and abc ... which is a sister company of create I believe x I don’t feel so alone

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