Appealing for (more) funding success?

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Zest11 Tue 30-Jul-19 10:49:16


I was wondering if there was anyone on here who had successfully appealed for some or more funding on the NHS? My GP said most people were unsuccessful but he has known some people to get more cycles in our CCG (we get 1 fresh and 1 frozen) however the patients have to have "exceptional" cases. Does anyone know what could be seen as "exceptional?"

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 30-Jul-19 13:06:34

I would imagine exceptional cases might include infertility caused by medical treatment or childhood cancer or medical negligence

There are lots of funding options for private ivf now - interest free loans etc - we remortgaged our house but a 10 year loan was also an option.

Lauren83 Tue 30-Jul-19 15:51:32

I have known a lot of IFRs be submitted to the CCG and the only ones I know of that have been accepted have been cases where there's been zero fert or no eggs collected

Zest11 Tue 30-Jul-19 19:52:25

@itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted thank you for your reply

@Lauren83 yes I thought the successful ones would be along those lines but my CCG have a pathway for zero fert and no eggs collected in that they're automatically entitles to another go, either with ICSI or donor eggs or sperm or a different protocol altogether.

I think my issue is definitely with implantation but we are "unexplained."

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Lauren83 Tue 30-Jul-19 20:02:58

It's always worth a try, unfortunately I know a lot who have tried who have been unsuccessful but it's usually a fairly quick process to submit the IFR and helps if you have a supporting letter from the clinic/your GP, the IFRs that I see go through are usually people wanting to move from an NHS clinic to a private provider and in those cases the CCGs usually ask that you show how you are 'clinically exceptional' to other couples so it's usually needing donor eggs after a diagnosis of POF for etc, those ones aren't for more cycles they are just to change to donor eggs or to change providers/use a private clinic for NHS treatment. Did the cycle go well apart from the fact it failed?

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