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Serum Greek Tests Antibiotic Question

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Cariad82 Tue 30-Jul-19 06:57:42

I had the Greek tests and was positive for ureaplasma. I was prescribed a week long course of azithromycine and my husband a 40 day course of doxycycline. He has started getting nosebleeds after taking them which is listed as a side effect that requires you to contact your doctor immediately.

Spoke to our GP and he said for him to take doxycycline like me but I also contacted Serum and told Penny and she said he had been prescribed a different antibiotic to me to help his sperm and just to continue taking them to help improve his sperm parameters. There is nothing at all wrong with his sperm though - all tests we've had at our UK clinic it has been excellent and Serum have never tested it. We are both very hesitant for him to keep taking a medication that's giving him nosebleeds.

Does anyone know if doxycycline isn't recommended for men, or if it actually causes damage to sperm or something? I don't want to mess up our chances for the next ivf cycle but a bit scared of the doxy side effects!

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