Longer you’ve been ttc the less chances with ivf!??

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Maybe2020 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:45:56

I’ve read somewhere that the length of time you have been naturally trying to concieve has an affect on chances with ivf. Is this true? I rarely see any other couples that have tried as long as me and oh naturally. 6 nearly 7 years we have been trying but it took 5 years to get my oh to the doctors as he was terrified he had mfi. Turns out he does and quite severely but when he was told we could try icsi and biological child is not out the question yet he is more relieved. I am constantly worrying. We start our first cycle soon but after reading this statistic I feel more deflated than before. We are fortunately both still young, (I’m 28 oh is 30) so time on our side really. Just worrying it’s going to take a lot and sadly don’t have a lot of money for multiple cycles.

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Persipan Mon 29-Jul-19 18:03:09

Statistics, whilst often helpful and informative, are not everything. In you guys' case, for example, in practical terms the severe MFI means you didn't really have any prospect of success during all that time you spent trying; but you were somewhat in limbo due to your partner's (understandable and natural) inertia about getting checked out. There are definitely some diagnoses where time passing could worsen the situation, but you guys are both still young and aren't dealing with those specific issues. So my advice would be, don't borrow trouble! IVF is challenging enough already, so try to avoid going down the rabbit hole.

Best of luck!

BertieBotts Mon 29-Jul-19 18:08:02

It's probably a correlational thing - someone with more severe fertility problems is likely to have less success with IVF but also naturally.

I don't think it means that trying repeatedly can make IVF less successful - how could it? Unless it's referring to age of participants. If you've been trying for several years then you're several years older than you were when you started.

I would not worry about it as a barrier. If you're good candidates for IVF then you are, nothing is going to change that.

Ginger1982 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:09:26

I've not heard this. Perhaps it's because the longer you try to conceive naturally the older you may be?

sandytoes84 Mon 29-Jul-19 19:49:20

7 years for us and pregnant on first ivf (FET) so it does happen!

Maybe2020 Mon 29-Jul-19 20:53:26

Thankyou everyone for replies probably just obsessing too much.
Congrats sandytoes84 how did you get through the years? I’ve found it a nightmare a literal nightmare. We are so close to having a chance at having a baby and I’m genuinely shitting it (the ivf,outcome) I mean, it’s come quicker than we had thought (nhs) As we were told it would be early next year but due to appointments being brought forward it is now going to this year (October-November) x

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ChocolateGateaux84 Mon 29-Jul-19 21:06:15

Not at all.
A same sex couple have zero chance naturally, yet fare extremely well in ivf terms as much of the time its not a case of medical infertility. Just needing sperm.

A woman with no tubes again would stand no chance naturally.
But again would have a very promising chance through ivf if tubal factor was the couples only issue.
Much of the time with MFI natural conception is impossible if sperm count falls below a certain level. That doesn't necessarily have a bearing on your chances with ivf particularly if the woman's reasonably young with no issues herself.

Again, it just sounds like one of these 'statements' made by someone with no experience or clue of infertility

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Tue 30-Jul-19 13:08:53

I think the statistics you mention really
Only come into play when coupled with age - your pretty young still so you should have a much better shot than someone who has been trying 7 years and now in their 40s - success is related to age more than length of time I would say

TheArtfulScreamer1 Tue 30-Jul-19 21:22:09

We're unexplained tried for 5 years and got pregnant first cycle of IVF. Good luck with your IVF fingers crossed you're as lucky as us.

Maybe2020 Tue 30-Jul-19 21:55:14

I feel relieved now I know it sounded stupid but I read all different kinds of things and worry myself to death lol.
That’s great @TheArtfulScreamer1 congratulations I so hope it works first time but now counting on it tbh! X

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Maybe2020 Tue 30-Jul-19 21:55:28


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Persipan Tue 30-Jul-19 21:59:22

Never feel stupid for the things you worry about through this whole process! Sometimes you'll find out more and realise you don't need to be concerned, or sometimes you'll know objectively they aren't really a thing (like, I know I did not, in fact, cook the embryo I had transferred last week through being too hot in the heatwave!) but it's really normal to have worries and concerns.

Best of luck!

TheArtfulScreamer1 Tue 30-Jul-19 22:05:19

We weren't counting on it either but then after egg transfer I decided to think positively and told myself it was going to work and I was going to have a little boy born on the 15th March, I figured I'd be no less devastated if I thought positively and it didn't work than if I didn't and it didn't work. Well it turned out I was nearly right it was sucessful and my DD arrived 3 days before her due date on the 15th March.

gracepoolesrum Tue 30-Jul-19 22:30:14

You're in the same boat as we were, MFI, TTC for 4 years, 2nd round of IVF worked for us. It also took me ages to get DP to the drs! The thing is my DP has a sperm count of zero so we could have tried until the end of time and never have gotten pregnant naturally. So particularly with mfi there's no relationship between length of time TTC and likelihood of success.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 31-Jul-19 17:50:12

10yrs ttc - think it was the last 3 that we started ivf

Had 5 cycles in all

4 failed

5th worked - and now dd is 2

I don’t think the length of time makes a difference

Some people ivf work first time. Some 2nd 3rd etc

Teddybear45 Wed 31-Jul-19 17:52:54

Those statistics only apply for unexplained infertility for which IVF really doesn’t make a difference. When you have a known problem IVF can work and ICSI was designed to treat MFI so you stand a good chance as long as no female factor problems turn up.

Maybe2020 Wed 31-Jul-19 18:47:04

Thankyou so much for replies! I feel so much relieved I was proper stressing before!. I don’t have any issues so far except my left tube is partially blocked but they’ve said it’s definatly not a hydrosalpinx and will not make any difference to the cycle outcome. My fsh and lh are 5.0 & 5.1 so considered normal. I have the option of having an amh test as I’d have to pay for it is it worth having prior to the cycle or not to bother? I’ve also been pregnant about 12 years ago with an ex partner. So the consultant has said we have a good chance I just can’t seem to stop worrying! X

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Talkwhilstyouwalk Wed 31-Jul-19 21:01:43

I imagine it depends on then circumstances. Maybe this is the case with unexplained infertility but with Male factor the age related odds are generally good with ICSI...

2fingers22018 Wed 31-Jul-19 21:48:04

Dont plenty of ppl with unexplained infertility go on to get pregnant with ivf?

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