Anyone use PGS and then stop using? Any successful births?

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Violet180 Sat 27-Jul-19 09:58:53

Basically I am questioning the validity of PGS testing. I am 41 and have 2 rounds of IVF with no Euploid embryos.
But I have read a lot of articles about embryos ability to self correct and the fact that successful live birth placentas will always have Aneuploid cells and test as 25% Aneuploid. Articles mention large amounts of women who transferred Aneuploid embryos with perfectly healthy unaffected successful live births.

I really don't want to get to the end of my journey with no embryos to try and am thinking of not using PGS testing anymore.

Anyone stop using PGS??

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Russkispy Sat 27-Jul-19 12:23:55

@Violet180 with my 2nd IVF, we ended up with 2 5 day blasts. 1 was biopsied and PGS tested and sadly came back as trisomy 18 which is a bad news therefore not viable for transfer. The other wasn't tested and transferred. I got BFP and saw the heartbeat at 7w3d but sadly it ended in missed miscarriage when went for a scan 2 weeks later. The tissue was sent to Guys hospital in London and came back as No abnormality detected. I have this info to my fertility doc (IVF abroad) and from the letter she couldn't see what type of tests were carried out and believes it was inconclusive.
Suffice to say I had BFP recently, natural conception and absolutely shocked as was heading for donor eggs. It's still early days but hope it works out this time. I'll be doing Harmony tests around 10 weeks, it's a blood tests to detect trisomy in 13, 18 and 21.

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